Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Ring and Stones and Stuff.


Here is a somewhat radical ring, as per my customers design. The center diamond is a 1.16 colour G pear that is loose and dangling. Then the smaller diamonds were set in a “scattered” manner ( her words).

And it came out very nicely and suits her style perfectly, she being tanned, slim and very well dressed…...The center stone constantly moves and so the eye is easily attracted to it.Silver-and-Lapis-Pendant Here is a pendant I made in silver, also to my customers design, he being Finnish. A stylistic Z, being the first letter of his wife’s name and the lapis being the colour of their child’s eyes. Nice.Gemstone-Cross

This is a composite CZ experimental stone that has a 18kt gold cross inlayed in the top. Photographing this number was a bitch, and the gold looks to smooth. Anyway, the gold is going to be set with tiny emeralds. The stone is about 22mm high and weighs about 35 carats.Gemstone-Cross-Raw-1s

It started with some raw material being cut and polished at the appropriate sides and a gold cross made very accurately.Gemstone-Cross-Raw

Fitting the rough pieces.These are cut and polished at all the edges that connect to each other. I made the purple pieces twice each before I got it right.Gemstone-Cross-Resin

Then the Hytal resin was  applied. I use a poly plastic top because the resin does not stick to it. Five days later, after the resin had hardened, the stone was ground down and faceted. This stone took me two days to finish faceting. A shithouse of work, trust me.Gemstone-Cross-upsidegown

The bottom clear side. Laminate-Squaretugese

This is a Composite stone cut into the ‘Squartugese’ cut. This is a mix of the ‘Portuguese’ round and it works very well in the square

The cut was designed by Marco Voltolini and won the best design of the year on  gemmology online  last year. This stone looks very nice in the hand and I especially like the ‘V’ purple flash in the clear side. On the opposite side is the  clear flash and both are of equal intensity of purple, since the stone is equilateral.Bada-Car

You know, there are several whore houses on the island, something I will be glad to see the last of soon. But this pimp parks this car all over Simpson bay as a way of advertising. Talk about lowering the tone of the neighbourhood. I am no fan of the trade, but I do believe a woman can do with her body as she pleases. But I HATE the sleazy fracking parasitic  men that make money out of these women. Pieces of complete shit.

Yesterday this toss-wrinkle wanted to park his car outside my shop, but I gave him the same gesture the the train man gave Neil in the Matrix when he was trapped in the train station. He took one look at my face and beat a hasty departure. ( if you haven't seen the Matrix, what frackin’ planet are you from dude?).daily_picdump_575_640_120

And on things sexual……………………ha ha ha.

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