Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Jewellery, more work on the Mobile Bench


I made a nice white gold pendant on commission . Set with a 2.05 diamond it all came out to about 2.75ct.


Sold with a white gold chain. The pendant flower is made out of 1.2mm plate, pierced out and then the rear petals are set first. Then the front petals are soldered and set and then the collet is soldered on and the  main diamond is set.


The mobile bench slowly nears completion in between all the other work. I had to make a quick release fitting for my Gravermax. So I started with some brass sheeting and the actual quick release fitting.


The front plate cut out.


The the whole affair is soldered together and semi-cleaned. It is big enough to be able to fit one hand in and detach the fitting easily.


It is installed in the areas where the oxygen/gas bottles will be put. The re-enforced tubing  goes to the next compartment where the Gravermax is installed.


The bench in surgery. The tube can be seen attached to the Gravermax. When is all runs and there are no electrical bang bangs, I will tidy everything up and make her whole again.


Showing the foot pedal tubing and the hand piece tubing. The hand piece  tubing goes in the bench and exits on the top on the left side.


When the fitting is not connected, nothing sticks out from the side of the bench, which was the goal. Narrow spaces, and all that.

I am now at the cusp of finishing the bench and in the next week or so, ( if I can find some space between work) I am going to shift my current fixed bench's tools and things to the new one.

And then I want to work the bench in for the next three months before the move to Europe.,

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FOR THE RECORD  (my records, that is)




Wedding band made out of the ( passed on ) old folks wedding bands.


Just some jewellery I made and did not post last year.

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