Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chains and Grass.


A gold and titanium wedge link chain. One meter long.

If I say that this kind of chain is a lot of work, trust me, it is.

I worked on this chain until my fingers literally bled. ( from the buff stick constantly rubbing against my thumb ) I stagger work of this type over a long period. Sometimes over months.

Otherwise it is too much and instability ensues and the work is not perfect at the end.

It is human nature to rush things so that the completion comes quicker.

Mostly this results in damage to the finish.

But in the end it is a sinuous chain that the picture does not do justice to. I do not ever compliment my own work, but this one just has that absolute velvet feel and slinky touch that borders on the decadently sensual.

It’s always like that. When something is a massive amount of effort to make, and the circle connects at the end, the more lovely it is.

That is, if you  make it to the finish post.  Often the difficulty kills the project, but when is does not, the result in difficult to sell sometimes. And on some occasions, never gets sold.

I imagine sculptors and painters have the same problem.


An industrial order. Made out of 14ct gold and the diamonds from his (departed) mother’s wedding band.



Also a bucket full of work.  It weighs precisely 100 grams, by pure accident. The orderee is a six and a half foot big dude who rides a Harley, so it’s very fitting, not?


The other day I saw these guys spraying this green stuff on the ground. I thought that they were just painting the ground green so that when the new runway gets opened it looks all good for the politicians.

I was wrong. I asked one of the managing dudes what they were doing, and he said this is a grass seeding liquid that has the  grass seeds and fertilizer and all kinds of shit in it to grow grass.Industrial-Spraying

Apparently, I has to be watered the next day, and what a better way than to use the fire fighting equipment of the airport.


The reason is so the dust from the jet blast is minimised when the jets turn around at the end of the runway.

This is also done to protect my shop and jewellery, so thanks guys.

.A job well done.


I know, I know,  at least the pole is perpendicular to the ground surface.---The house is perpendicular to gravity.



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