Monday, February 14, 2011

Rings, Boats and Boris.


A new ring made to order and design. I first carved this ring in purple wax, and then when the client had OK’d it, I cast it for him.


Heavily carved and set with about one and three quarter carats.

It weighs 27 grams, so it has quite a heft.



Another ring made to design and order. This one was filed out of a solid piece of gold and fused afterwards.



The other night Anne had to go to the loo and she met up with my friend Boris. Boris came into the shop via a new oxygen cylinder’s safety cap. As I took it off, out he jumped.  The delivery guy nearly poeped in his pants.

Now, I like spiders, so when he disappeared under my bench, I though it a great place to live. He was obviously thirsty. Needless to say, Anne was not impressed with my new pet.



The inset is the kitchen. From that dark door the Chinese cook fishes in the sewer. I saw the guy catch a small fish the other day. A little birdie tells me that it is not for his aquarium. Eeeuuw.


Then this boat came past yesterday. Big boy with big toys.


Of course, there is always a bigger boy with a bigger toy.


My little boys just checking that my polishing motor is up to scratch, so to speak.


And here is a composite of my workshop. I just bought myself a new point and shoot camera. A cannon s95. And what a sweet little thing it is. I’ll write more about it as I get to know it better.

Dang, I just checked and it is to small. I’ll do another one in my next post

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