Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bangle and Carved Aquamarine and General Stuff.


This is a gold bangle made for one of my favourite people, Linda.

2.2ct of diamond and it just looks so cool ( or hot) against her tanned skin.

Carved-Aquamarine-1 Carved-Aquamarine-2

My latest carved Aquamarine. 5 carats of liquid Caribbean water..….ahem, excuse the poetic description.


A St Maarten charm with diamonds.


For all her daughters. The top left and right are still to get more stuff in.


Warning of a giant pot hole in St.Maarten. You have got to figure.



Okay. So I took this picture on top of Cake House  hill.

Probably the most dangerous place in St. Maarten considering all the robberies and murders that take place there.

St Maarten has been convulsed by four violent murders in this last week. Terrible stuff and completely senseless, much like the police force, I’m afraid.

Anyway, the view is beautiful. The picture is large so I am hoping  that it can be enlarged after it is published.

It is a view of the entire Simpson Bay, merged in Photoshop by yours truly.

EDIT. Sorry, after the picture gets published Blogger fucks it up completely. I’ll leave it up but in the meantime I will try figure out how to post a panorama picture in full strength.

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