Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dogs and the Safe.

One of the most difficult things that I had to to was give my dogs away.
I know they are birds, but I call them dogs--my dogs....
So what I did was to make up one of those announcements that say "Free birds with cage and they must go to home with bird lover" type stuff.
Then it had those tear off tabs on the bottom.
So I get a phone call from Sasha, and she pitches to my workshop with her dad and her mom and a lil' cutsie dog
And I knew right away I had a new owner for my dogs.
So they came to fetch them last Thursday and it was, as Gary her dad said, a bittersweet moment.
But Sasha has like a typical teenager, boundless energy and enthusiasm and also wants to study to be a vet, so I was totally happy to put my dogs in her safe keeping.
And her dad and mom are great people too, so I am very happy.

This is one of the last pictures I took of my dogs.

And I have taken many of them.......

Popcorn was the cleverest of the two and he had figured out something was afoot a while before. Here he is giving me a significant look during our hand over.

And there they go in the car.
Cool dudes... you are in cool hands.

The other thing that had to be done was that the safe had to be moved.

This was done by Johnny and his brother.
Here he is using a crow bar to move little rollers under the safe.

Then they push the safe on these little rollers to the door.

Then they roll it along a few planks towards the trucks crane.
They already put a strap around it. Sort of.

Then they lift it up with a crane. One strap only. Dangerous work indeed.

Then they hold the boom down to keep the safe from falling over whilst the truck is being driven.
Like I said, dangerous work indeed.........
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