Friday, April 1, 2011

Many Different Things.



This is work I just love doing. My psyche is to make curved and sensual jewellery.

Set with a trillion Tanzanite and Sandawana emeralds and diamonds—lekker stuff. 

Okay, so this Weblog started as a diary of all the things I make ( more or less ) and so the following pictures are a roll call of the other jewellery that I have made.

Fused-Gold-Earrings 18ct white and yellow gold fused earrings with diamonds.


Topaz Pendant.


Solitaire 1ct diamond set in a tube . ( sorry for the bad pic )


Dress ring set with diamonds.


Fused gold pendant set with diamonds. This piece was made out of the wedding bands of her parents that had passed on.

I really like working and forging material that has a history to people.

I really like thinking that this material comes from their past and into the now--- and then who knows where it will go into the future?Fused-Ring

Fused gold ring .


Hoop earrings set with diamonds from old jewellery.



A carved amethyst that I have still to set into a ring.


I don’t post any of the ‘normal’ facetted stones that I cut from day to day. Very boring to see and a mission to photograph.

I cut about 80 stones per year on average.

Nevertheless, polishing stones require polishing laps and these wear out and become out of true quite quickly.

Here I am truing up my Batt lap on my lathe.

Normally I have to true a lap up after 60 stones or so, but ‘ol bright eyes here decided to apply 3000 grit to a bat lap.

I did not like it at all. So I had to resurface it to bring it back to 50,000 grit

I cut from rough to 1200 then to  8000 and then t0 50,000 final polish.



This is ring that I have carved in wax to accept the carved Citrine that I posted a post or two back.


I want to cast it into 18ct gold this coming Sunday.



Today was a beautiful blue sky day. ( Never mind the traffic )

I will remember these days from this island , as I also remember these same days from Botswana………

We go forward,  as always………………

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