Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Ring, Two Pendants and General Stuff.


Okay, here is a white gold somewhat stylistic  flower ring. She loves flower jewellery and I simply love making flowers. The yellow gold are tendrils, like you get with vines.

I said it was stylistic. 

A .71ct diamond in the center and six smaller diamonds in the petals set gypsy style. I planished the petals with a small ball hammer and then engraved fine lines towards the center.

She is a South African lady with a tanned skin and it looks so nice on her finger.


This pendant is only 25mm high and contains 2.12 carats of diamond. It sparkles something silly. And it looks killer stuff on Lynn.


Ok, so I have blogged this technique before but it bears repeating.

I made this pendant for the lovely Debbie, one of my many customers who I shall very much miss.


I draw a copper wire to the right diameter and the inert it into a 18ct gold tube I have made. Then I draw the composite wire in a square wire to the right diameter—about 2.5mm.

The copper in the gold tubing allows bending as it it is solid, which it actually is.

hollowsquaretubing (8)

The I file the basic shape out like this prior to etching. At this time I set the diamonds in it, because the wall thickness is only .5mm thick and the copper provides a solid backing to stop the graver bending the gold were it to be hollow.


Here is the tubing after the copper is etched out with nitric acid. I use a 70% strength and I leave it over night.

Then I trim the edges to make them smooth.Ele-Hair-Musical-Note-Pendant-1

After polishing, the elephant hair is inserted and a final polish is applied. Sort of an open Mobius curve design….I call it my musical note pendant.


A pair of shackle earrings, for him and her, from Sweden.  This order was taken on Sunday.

Now Sundays for Anne and I are precious. We watch Moto GP if it is there, generally park off and mellow out and mess around doing our own thing. Then, towards the later part of the day we fire up a fire and burn some meat and kill some cold Presidente beers.

Anyway, after knocking on the shop door for a while, I finally let them in and they turned out to be totally cool couple, who had seen a shackle earring made by yours truly being worn by a salesman in a boating shop. Hey, bizz comes when it comes………


One of my new followers is

She is Beatriz Fortes, a lady  from Saõ  Paulo in Brazil who has her bench in her kitchen.

Utterly cool, and I hope Beatriz doesn’t mind me displaying her picture on my blog.

This is precisely my philosophy. I work from my Shop/Workshop/Home. I simply love people who get on with the job and do with what is available.

Thanks Beatriz, your attitude is the same as mine and I will in the next post expand how Anne and I have lived in the last six years.

Be warned everybody.

Also Beatriz had a really good musical composition from You Tube with a lady that can REALLY play the Harpsichord. The music is somewhat dark, but still very, very good..

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