Friday, April 8, 2011

Tough Design Stuff and Van Things.


A few posts back I carved this citrine that looked better upside down than the way I had envisaged it.New-Carved-Ring-1

So I carved this wax model for the stone.


And I cast it into 18ct gold.


And I didn’t like it.

I was going to set small emeralds into the corner leaves.

In the center leaves I would set small diamonds.

They would be the actually be the  claws that hold the stone .

I didn’t like it.

It was to heavy, to lomp and doff.

And it hid the stone—that was not the idea I had…..


Yesterday I killed the effort and the ring and started over.

This is the third time I have started over. The first time I didn’t bother photographing it.

Sooo, here is the third attempt.

I am not saying that it will come out well.

Nor that I will finish it.

But I made a collet to hold the stone.



The U is white gold.

The yellow gold will have diamonds set into the top and the sides are going to be drilled out to make everything lighter looking.

This will  be attached to an as yet undesigned shank.

Also I don’t know how I am going to finish the left and right sections of the white gold U that rise above the stone.

The ‘half moon’ yellow gold shapes will be pressed towards each other, and so lock the stone in place.

I have designed thousands of rings, but this one is uncertain stuff.

Gearloose, Gemmology Online  resident genius, called this design—and I quote--

A Curvilinear checkerboard.

A Hyper checkerboard cut with a fourth dimension.

Lovely description.

Actually the truth is somewhat more mundane, I am afraid.

All I wanted to to is, as I have said before, is to carve an Opposed Bar cut. and this one as well.

These designs are from Marco Voltolini, who is one of the finest designers of faceted stones in the world today, in my opinion.

But this stone , unlike your standard round and square shapes, is proving particularly difficult to realize a comfortable design.



Ag shame, so after my little ol’ truck got pranged into the scrap yard, there was a silver lining to the cloud.

Nagico, the prangee’s insurance company, paid out in less that two weeks.

They paid out for the truck and the sign.

The truck was written off.---so was the sign.

But I really liked my little truck, nimble, utilitarian and well suited to the island.

And in a déjà vu set of events, just before we were to leave Botswana  for St Maarten, we drove to South Africa and my darling van was stolen in  Pretoria 

To Show…


At the Nata Pans in Botswana looking at the Flamingos in the distance.


Here we bird banding in the Kazuma forest, with info going to the University of Cape Town’s Avian Demography Unit.

A perfect combination. Lovely woman and handsome van……… sorry the v should have been a m…..

Hot, hot van, if there ever was one.

Okay, I'm doing the ringing.

Anne is doing the recording.


So a new start beckons us towards Europe.

Déjà vu----- Car got trashed/stolen.

We go.


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