Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back To The Hague


We camp at Wassenaar, a campsite in an up market suburb in the Hague.

We been on the road for about ten days. 

Hamburg had some nice places, but Dusseldorf is our favorite so far.

We are going to park off at Steve and Lisette’s flat. They gone off for a dirty weekend in a Luxembourg spa. Bless.

I am not going to harp on this to much, but I really like the feeling of safety in the Hague. Everything is tidy and orderly, sometimes to an anal point, but it works, and works well. A far cry from some of the more dangerous campsites that Anne and I have camped at.

Brytus the Duck

Next morning, Brutus the duck came looking for food.


Brutus was joined by Mr. and Mrs. dove.

All of them

Soon we had everybody, who collectively polished off about half a loaf of bread.

Horses 2

Over the canal there is a horse racing track. Some really beautiful horses.


Horses 3

A whole lot of training going on.Saddleless

This guy rode these horses around for about three quarters of an hour, No saddle, and halter only. He’s done this before,


And we saw these horses in the center of the Hague. Frack knows what they for, but they sure look pretty.

Man and Machine 3

So, when you go to a big supermarket, then there are all these old and plump people that have these electric carts. With brake lights, indicators, hooters, all the mod cons.

And the whiz around, silently, and if you in their way, they edge up to you.

But I always though the carts were for real medical purposes.

Man and Machine

I understand why Stephen Hawkins needs a special wheelchair, but this dude, and many others I have seen around, can walk about quite comfortably.

Are these things medical? …Or can I buy one?

I would love to have one of those things.

With rearview mirrors and a headlight.

Wrinkle cat

The cat, ( I know not the make and model, but it is of a type that is in urgent need of ironing ) has been taught bad manners.

Purple Bush

This is summer in Europe..what can I say.

Playing Tourist in the Hague (32)

So this weekend is fine tuning FrankenFurter, like tiding the electrics up, and adding this and that.

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