Saturday, May 14, 2011

Campsites and Travel Stuff.

This is a picture of the campsite in Hamburg.
Its a parking lot with showers, really.

The next day we were at a campsite in the rural parts again, on the way to Dusseldorf.
Really nice one.

It was also Anne's birthday, so she is wearing a black coral necklace with Larimar and gold.

Every bird in Europe is breading furiously.
These swallows were no exception.

Germany has some amazing forests with giant trees. We did a spot of birding proper here, something that was difficult and unpleasant in St Maarten.
I like Germany more that the Netherlands. The road system is more simple.
Like South Africa's is.
In the Netherlands the dutch have so many rules and road signs and painted road markings that it is like playing pick-up sticks in a bowl of cooked spaghetti.

Later that evening, later being defined at about ten pm, there were so cool contrails in the sky.

Nina might recognize these following buildings.

In Braunschweig.

Somewhat weird though. Or quirky.

A lucky Ladybird landed in the car on Anne's birthday.
Good omen.

Just had to take this picture.
Live streaming video from the MotoGP qualifying in France, while traveling at 120km down the autobahn towards Dusseldorf.
The little usb stick on the right hand side of the net-book is our internet receiver.

This is a campsite in the center of Dusseldorf and it sucks, man.
We stayed there today.
It was the Moto Gp's, and since Anne and I are fanatics, we first finished watching them.
Then there was also an Imahashi gem cutting machine on eBay and I bid on it.
And I won.
Quite cool, watching sports and bidding on an auction.
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