Monday, May 16, 2011

Dusseldorf and stuff

This was a shit campsite, so we moved pronto.

To this one a little out of the way. Much better.

She's happy as well............

This is a building clad in stainless steel.
Anne insisted we had to see it.
Frank Gehry.
From Wikipedia:
His buildings, including his private residence, have become tourist attractions. His works are often cited as being among the most important works of contemporary architecture in the 2010 World Architecture Survey, which led Vanity Fair to label him as "the most important architect of our age".

So now you know.

I am using a small net book to blog and it has no Photoshop.
So my cropping abilities and photo manipulation are somewhat limited...apologies.
Nice sculpture, though.

In Germany, the robots are red , then also go to orange just before they change to green.
At first I thought this silly, but after a little time, it makes good sense.
You got time to put your car into gear and go.
No fiddling around and getting blasted from an impatient driver behind you.

Another quirk the Dutch and the Germans have, is when the time gets announced on the radio, the announcer will say "it is two minutes to half past five"
As is twenty eight minutes past five.

This morning the fracking battery was dead.
I had heard that the battery was a bit sick so I was not too surprised.
We bought a battery and a shifting spanner in the local supply shop and I changed it in the parking lot and all is well --so far.
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