Tuesday, May 10, 2011

FrankenFurter Starts Life.

I am blogging this from a campsite in Germany called on my net book, using a USB stick from TeleKom, a service provider.
It took an hour and it cost 40 eu for the connection and 5 euro per day on a pay as you go basis.
It even works if you traveling in a car.
Cool stuff, and trust me people, when you travel like we do, internet connection is vital.
Google tells you where all the campsites in Europe, vital info source, and a blogging first for me.

We had to buy a car.

Not just any car, but a camping type thing that would also replace my little truck that one of the noble ST Maarteners destroyed for me.

Lisette is a genius when it comes to ferreting things out on the 'net and soon she had list of potential cars.
She took us around all the dealers she had spoored up and we checked them all out and there is quite a big choice really.
I wanted ideally a panel van type combi affair, preferably VW, because I have always driven Vw van until I came to St Maarten.
There was a 2001 VW LT 35 diesel that was quit nice but at 267,000 kilo's it would for sure give trouble soon.
I Eindhoven I struck pay dirt.
A Citroen.

I have never owned a frog car and I have always been a bit leery of them, just as I am of Italian cars like Fiat.
This one is called a Citroen "Jumpy"

Jumpy, for Christ's sake which fuckwit thinks up these names?

Since Jumpy is such a gay sounding name, and given that the car is actually quite macho looking, it stands to reason that is must be a transvestite.
There fore it (he/she) was named Frankenfurter, after the lead player in The Rocky Horror Show. ( who was a transvestite of note.......)
And Frankenfurter was duly christened such.
And Frankenfurter turned out to be the perfect partner.
I really like the design of this vehicle, from the hand brake that is on the left side, in between the driver seat and the door.
That way it is not in between the front seats.
Too date we have traveled 1000 k's in it and it runs really well.

Fitting out the van.

I have no tools here, because our container is only arriving in a month.
Buying new tools is doff, because I have them already.
So I bought the minimum.
A 12v drill, wood saw. square, hacksaw,screwdrivers and tape measure and a carry pack of beers to lubricate the whole effort.
Steven and Lisette offered thier parking space and that proved perfect.

My workshop. Luckily, the weather has been excellent, with one afternoon being much like an SA summers afternoon.
But the Dutch are very tolerant people, so no one moaned, and I of course cleaned up properly every time I was finished.
I took me two days to build the bed box and fit some cupboards.

Some white melamine boards and aluminum profile makes things easier.
Things are very good quality here.
Real first world stuff.

Yours truly.

Mattress delivery.

And finally the mattress and boxes.
Next, the first camping.
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