Thursday, May 12, 2011

Germany and Getting Stuck.

We named FrankenFurter officially with a flag, to be remade properly when tools arrive.
This flag is some masking tape with a coki.

We come into Germany and Lydia our GPS device lets us down. ( she's called Lydia, because I chose a UK English voice that this device speaks in. and she sounds so prim and proper. Just so Lydia-ish)
So with some luck we find this campsite as our first one in Germany.
First thing we check is the ablutions.
All good.

And it happens that then is was a warm balmy evening that lasts to half past nine, with summer birds singing all around us. A good German beer I'd bought was magic.
We have been extraordinarily lucky. We have had no rain and perfect summer skies for nearly a week.
I love trying out new beers, and here there are plenty, trust me.
At the moment I am partaking in a
Konig Pilsner. Nice.

Night time.

I took a few picture of the German countryside .

The yellow flowers are Rape, used to make vegetable oil.

Typical country side, except here is everything neat.
Unlike St Maarten.
This neatness calms my Virgo soul, promise.

The Sylt coast line. The most northern island in Germany, we had to check it out.
We look to get the feel of the place and we found it wanting.
To much of an island mentality, but a very nice place.

German version of a beach chair.
This place has a biting wind.
Screws a braai up thoroughly, me thinks.

The main drag .

Okay, so I am going jump ahead, this is yours truly stuck in beach sand. The only place in the entire Europe, and I get stuck there. The campsite does not have hard sand, but it looks solid and I was stuck.
Now the reason I got stuck on the sump, was that 'ol bright eyes here thought this was a rear wheel drive vehicle.
I have been so busy fitting the van out I have not had time or place to go through everything, and I simply thought it would be rear wheel drive.
I've never even owned a front drive vehicle.

So I have taken a calculated risk that the auto dealer sold me what he said he did.
This has proved correct so far.
So I get some handy planks nearby and put them behind the rear tires.
That was all she wrote.
The front tires spun and boing!, the sump was on the ground.
A drol in die drink water.

I had to dig a fucking hole to Australia.

Eventually, with the help of a contractors van who was doing some work around and who fell to Anne's charms, we reversed and towed FrankenFurter out.
Not the way I planned my evening.

I am trying to catch up on the time line of the blog.
Right now, I am actually in Hamburg, in a campsite in the center of the city.
We want to check Hamburg out tomorrow.
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