Sunday, May 29, 2011


Barry and Nadine's Place (7)

We staying with Barry and Nadine at their apartment in Lachen in Switzerland. We been friends from way back in SA, all of us big into birding and partying. We hadn’t physically seen them for more than eight years ( Skype notwithstanding ).

A foursome party then ensued.Barry, Nadine (2)

Babes getting more personality as the evening progresses………Barry, Nadine (53)

The party also roved down to the nearby pond. Lake Zurich, that is.Barry, Nadine (56)

Nice real estate.

Barry, Nadine (36)

I am represented by the beer can……

Barry and Nadine 1 (10)

Next morning we went by car and tram into the center of Zurich. Thing thing can woema around a corner like nobody's business. And the on time papa, at 11:38 one was there , precisely  at 11:38, just like the timetable said.

Barry and Nadine 1 (11)

They cool on the inside too.


Babes in downtown Zurich. Did that guy in green REALLY need to be there?

Horse Meat

We went to a supermarket and they sell left mutton and on the right…horse meat. In plenty of different cut, if you like….. call me sideways on this one….Cleaning Machine

Klaus, the street sweeper and 400 of his colleagues just got replaced by one machine.

 Credit Swisse

This is Credit Swiss Think of all that reputed gold below my feet.

Barry and Nadine  Cycling (130)

In Switzerland they are anal about garbage. The beer cans are crushed.Barry, Nadine (29)

They tie the paper up into standard size blocks.Barry, Nadine (30)

Every household packs their own paper. Neat or ana- ly retentive ?

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