Friday, May 6, 2011

Last Day and the Flight.

The last day in St Maarten, we had a couple of buds come around and we all stood around in the front of the now empty shop and got pissed. It was great, although Anne and I were a little gepla that we would not have enough time to do all the stuff we had to the next morning.

It's like no matter how much time you have, or how well you planned everything, the last few hours are going to be frantic.
And that proved to be true.

But finally we were through customs.
Actually security, because St. Maarten does not have and customs control.
Since we had out entire jewellery stock with us in the two carry on bags in the picture, they were wide eyed at all the jewellery we were carrying, but they let us through no problem.

My wife and I have flown plenty before, and we DO NOT eat airline food.
So Anne makes some burgers and stuff for the journey.
Much nicer, trust me.

This 747 is called " The City of Bangkok" . Frack, I thought it was only South Africa that could think up stupid names.
She is old, but very well maintained.

We had a stop over at Curacao, which is a flat god forsaken island, and the airport is the same.
I do not know why anyone would live there.
The airport is similar to any fly ridden one in the center of Africa.

After a night of flying we arrive at the Dutch coastline at six the next morning.

Schiphol in the morning.
Giant, efficient, clean, controlled and first world.
That's good, right?
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