Monday, May 23, 2011

Parking Off.

Electrical Input 4

We parked off on Sunday ( and watched a boring F1 Grand Prix ) and I used the time to fix some things on Frankenfurter.

I had to install a outside connection to inside the van.

Since I have no equipment I used my 12volt drill and drilled a zillion holes.

Electrical Input

Which resulted in a fairly sizable hole. Believe me, I checked out where I was going to drill very carefully. Difficult to correct a mistake, kind of.

Electrical Input 2

The white boxie thingi.

Electrical Input 1

Outside power. Now all the inside electrics go to a center point. Most campsites have 220 volt. Very nice to have 220 in the car. Powers everything easily, instead of 12 volt, like the Syncro had.

Afternoon 1 Eigthish

For My SA readers, this is taken at 8:15 pm.Afternoon 2 Nineish

9:15 pm.

Afternoon 3 Ten ish

10:15 pm.Afternoon 4 Elevenish

And finally dark at 11:15pm.

A bit longer than in Cape Town……….Flats

This is the complex of flats we staying in.  Check out how tidy everything is.

A lot of buildings are built out of red bricks or a shade of red.Red Bricks.

Like this, which is the local shopping center.

Red bricks remind me of my old school and government buildings in Pretoria.

Inside flat

The flat is very comfortable inside. This kind of accommodation is very affordable and is of very high quality. Controlled entry, controlled entry garage, central heating make it very easy to park off.

Cat 1

And speaking of parking off, guess who figured  out the warmest place around. On top of the router.

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