Thursday, May 12, 2011

Touristy Pictures and First Camping

Okay ,so a lot of the pictures are for the family and friends.
To all the die hard goldsmiths that read this blog, vasbyt, it will return to it's normal format in a couple of months time, hopefully.

When Anne and I pull into a hotel room it takes about three seconds to go from neat to controlled chaos.
And a giant birds nest of wires, chargers, computers cellphones and camera's.
I wonder when all the manufacturers are going to get their collective asses into gear and stop foisting on us the myriad different devices that collectively only supply electricity to devices, after all.

At the Japanese garden in the Hague.

Lisette and Anne in the Hague

This is a tower that shows the sea level in Holland.
It's the red bar at the top.

I could probably easily become friends with this shop owner.....

My first windmill

A lot of them still do actual work. I am surprised at how pastoral the Netherlands are.
Lots of farms and hot houses and cultivation..

I was told but I forgot. Some Queen type building with a hottie in front....

The middle pole goes up and down to control traffic. Now, why would some one put a yellow warning sign when it is up?
It not really difficult to see right ? Fracking mollycoddlers.

Camping at the first camping site in Holland near de Merenburger.
And the first time in Europe, for that matter.
We are experienced campers, so we got our methodology down pat.
It just has to be modified a bit for Europe.
Like in Botswana it was beers and driving. That has fallen by the wayside, I'm afraid.
And just stopping at any place and setting up camp. Here you go to a campsite, or else.
This campsite was a bit kak though. European camping is a far cry from SA or USA camping, which figures, when you only got a 3 month season. More on campsites in a future blog post.

Parking off.

Bed made, ready to crash.
Very comfortable in the van, even though it is not finished off.

Night time.
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