Thursday, May 26, 2011

Towards Germany, still in the Netherlands.

We spent about a week in the Hague, first just fixing up Frankenfurter and yesterday we left to go to southern Germany and some of Switzerland.

There are a few border towns we want to look at like Karlsruhe and Saarbrucken and Stuttgart and the like. It is of course impossible to immediately decide which town or city is nice or not. Every city has its nice and not such nice parts. But Anne and I quickly get a feel for the place, for instance, like I really like the Hague, even though the streets are difficult, it has a 1970’s Pretoria feel, very secure, friendly people, and very clean and pretty.


Sometimes architects, like goldsmiths, do things just for the sake of being different. Near Rotterdam, where we had to go sort out the import stuff for the container. We didn’t like Rotterdam for instance. Didn’t feel easy.


At the docking agent, doing clearing in Rotterdam. Dock no 2120. I assume that there are 2119 docks before it and some after it. One shudders at the size of Rotterdam's docking operation.


There lots of tunnels in the Hague.All beautifully maintained and neat.To Germany (56)

There are many muslims in the Netherlands. They always wear this funny kind of clothing and I mostly hear them speak their own language. School kids are more integrated, but that is because when one is young the waist is narrow and the mind broad. As one gets older, the waist becomes broader and the mind narrower. It’s really strange to see a hot muslim babe with eyes to die for, all made up with mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner and the rest of the face and body is all wrapped up in table cloths and bed sheet material.I always wonder if the rest of the face is made up as well. I mean it seems pretty pointless to put lipstick on and then cover it with a Jesse James mask, right?


Anne drinking coffee and watching the Jackdaws polish off the leftover rice at the campsite in Wassenaar.

Feeding Ducklings

Which were joined my mommy duck and her babies.Duck

Mommy duck


This sign has me stumped. Is there parking for females that is free? What defines an artist? Or do they mean taxi’s that are owned by artists? Or maybe it’s like a permanent ladies night like in a dance club……….

To Germany (129)

On our way to Germany, in Netherland. Gorgeous day ,very pastoral.

To Germany (131)

It is difficult to take roadside picture compared to say Botswana. One can’t just stop and start snapping. Lots of cars, little place off the road and very strange looks from people going past. To Germany (143) 

Pretty Dutch houseTo Germany (118)

As I have noted before, the standard of living is very high in Europe generally.

To Germany (132)

A itsy teeny village/suburb.

When we travel, Anne Googles the next upcoming town for campsites and general information. We went to three different campsites and all three were not in existence, yet they there as large as life on Google. Sloppy stuff indeed. So the Lisette’s phoned and she went online and found a farming campsite just outside Gouda. First time for me to be driving and connected to two people on the internet, one in the car, the other thirty odd kilo‘s away, all planning my destination.

Foilage 1

It is a brilliant campsite. We me the farmer and he is a salt of the earth type guy, who works this farm with his family. It looks like hard work indeed.

Farmers kid

Even the little tyke does is work in the veggie patch.

To Germany (147)

The farm house on the left.

To Germany (149)

And the campsite up the road.

To Germany (154)

There were some flowers in nice light next to us.Jet trail

Arty farty type picture, ha ha .

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