Friday, June 24, 2011

Aachen Rathaus.

The problem with touring these buildings is that you are only allowed to see what the powers that be want you to see. So  that means you only get to go to some manicured rooms and benign areas.  This, if it is a religious building, only shows the sunny side of  what happened in those days, before all the human rights movements and all.

I would like to got to the dungeons and torture rooms, which in my mind showed the true colours of religion at that time. But of course, just as Microsoft does not show Bill Gates picking his nose, so do the clergy not show their sordid past easily.

But one thing holds true. The very best ancient art mostly comes with a religious theme attached. Nothing inspired men to create big buildings, beautiful paintings and sculptures as much as religion did. Ok, maybe sex as well.

Aachen Cathedral (12)

With these buildings, they are in serious need of a little TLC. Sad but true. I think that most of the really old buildings world wide, are probably not cost effective to save, other than photographically.Aachen Cathedral (66)

Here is something that I like doing. Take a picture of a given building. In this case the Ratthaus ( town hall) in the center of Aachen.  Now take Photoshop and look closely at what you photographed.


It might be religious in image, but it is a mighty fine piece of art and more than that, stunning craftsmanship. Not seen easily these days. Also, she got the body back pronto after the birth, I see. No fat tummy and only a touch of post natal depression, judging from her expression.


On the right side of the top picture, at the bottom of the tri-angle. I surely did not see that the first time and this method of ‘looking’ stops you having to study the building with a pair of binoculars, and looking like a doos at the same time.No-2

This on the other side. Men crawling out the stone work.No-5

At the top of the tri-angle. Good or what?No-4

Close up of one of the figurines in the arch inside the tri-angle. There six different ones.Aachen Cathedral (65)

This is on another side. Some guys discussing a super  nova that occurred at that time.No-6

Tell me the dude that carved this didn’t have a whole lot of talent and skill. I mean, this is on a fucking building, for crying in a bucket. Its not like it is in your house, in a special corner, protected, and only taken out on special occasions. No, they hoof it out in the rain on the side of a building for four hundred years.No-7

And check the top. See the face?

What happened to the children of the children of these masters? Did they all join the army? Why is nothing made like this anymore? ----- We all fell into the hole Frank Gehry dug for us.


This is a fireplace. The floor is from medieval times..Below is a close up of the brass work, which has a mean amount of repousé and chasing. The signature of the dude in 1668 and it was not made in China.Aachen Cathedral (20)

Check the work on the right.Aachen Cathedral (26)

Nice room, if you can afford it.Aachen Cathedral (29)

They took their time finishing off things, as this picture shows.Aachen Cathedral (34)

And there are one of these in each corner. I’m not so sure a first time girlfriend would be impressed if they were in your bedroom, though. Scary place to lose your virginity, sort of. Like, “OK Doris, we running out of time…will they not look at you if I put masking tape over their eyes?”

Aachen Cathedral (37)

This door is about 180 cm but it is clad in iron. Go on, make one. I tried to open it to see how it was finished off at the back, but it was locked with a modern lock, I am sad to say. But, being German made, I bet it will look as good as the front.Aachen Cathedral (45)

Life size and semi solid brass/bronze. cast, . Brilliant sculpture, obviously left to oxidize  as is. But I doubt the original artist presented it in that condition, when he presented it to the then Chief Chicken. I bet it was in pristine condition, and I wonder if this piece or other pieces give up the ‘ancient look’  a bit and made the statues more pristine. It is all very well to have this ‘it’s old, so just leave it in it’s original condition.’attitude.

Frack that, I say, and give this statue a good cleaning, highlight the high ridges, polish it and when you got it really nice, stabilize it with a modern polymer or urethane.Aachen Cathedral (47)

This was taken through the glass, some distance away and colour are a bit shifted. Anyway, the opal looking stones are actually aquamarines and there are amethysts and garnets and possibly an emerald. The statue above it wearing a crown shaped like this one, more or less.  Nice work, if you can get it.

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