Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back to the Hague for the Container.


Parking off near Aachen.  This is a ‘farmer’ campsite, situated on a farm that produces milk for the local industry. Anne likes all the ‘farm smell’ but to a city slicker to me it all smells like cow dung and sour milk. But it is a very nice secluded campsite and it also has an amazingly good range of birds. Every time we there, in the morning, we see a new species or two.A Linnet and a Redstart and Song Thrush were this mornings new specials.

Aachen Campsite 

And it has a great view from Frankenfurter. We stay here tonight and tomorrow we go into Aachen. There is a jewellery shop looking for a husband/wife combination. I doubt anything will come of it but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Our ducks took a liking to the bread we fed to them on Monday, so they were there on Tuesday in force waiting for a handout. Not shy either. Parking off right outside the door, fast asleep.IMG_4403

Kind of classic German forest, all quite and serene.IMG_4459

Campsite in the dark with a red moon.

Tomorrow we have to be in the Netherlands, because we meeting the container people to offload the container. This is a big mission, because we have to pack it into the storage room and it all has to be sorted first. Murphy’s law says that what ever is in the back, you will need first. I can see this being a whole weekend mission.


We go to the Netherlands, to our favorite campsite near the Hague.

So 7:15 pm we get a phone call that our date with our container will be not 8:00 am the next morning as agreed since Friday last week, but sometime ‘later’ in the morning. I’ve just driven from Germany to the Hague in the Netherlands…ha ha that sounds a million miles but it’s actually just 245 kilo’s. Just around the corner. Still, now I got a morning to kick my heels, while my workshop is so close, yet so far.

Anne Paper

Anne doing the next morning’s paperwork. Trust me, in Europe, one garners immense amounts of paper. When we opened an account with our bank, we were given an A4 Lever arch folder, free. In a fancy package. All bright orange. Except that unlike a kids sweet, it fills up rapidly with the most mind numbing paper bullshit that Anne somehow has a key of encryption to.


The internet is not as good in NL as in Germany, so this post will only go out tomorrow . This is Frankenfurter with me blogging in him, now. I took a picture and put in Live Writer, which I am using to blog. For once, Bill get’s it right…….

We also went to Aachen’s Cathedral in the morning  I particularly like looking at craftsman’s work some hundreds years later , since I have  been exposed and seen it in the last month or so. Especially since I am quite familiar on how it was made, it gives a fine idea how different mediums survive in different environments for a long time. Concrete. plaster and the like don’t do well. Nor does silver that has been plated over by gold. In the old days, plating occurred directly onto silver and often, if the plating was thin, the gold then ‘dissolves’ into the silver over a period of time and goes pale or greenish yellow, instead of the rich yellow gold colour it was before.

Next blog about the Cathedral in Aachen.

I got a phone call this morning saying there is a computer screw up and the container will only be released on Friday ---------Sigh……………….

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