Thursday, June 2, 2011

Campingplatz Klausenhorn,in Konstanz at Dingeldorf on Bodensee and down to Austria.

Dingeldorf on Bodensee, Klausenhorn 3 

What a title…One of the best sites we have been too. Every thing for kids, jumps, play centers, even rabbits to. Lots of space and a very friendly reception make for good memories.

I got talking to the guy in the blue Combi. --- Actually,I imposed, but hey, what the hell, as an ex owner of numerous busses, a 1970 VW in mint condition is always a good starting point. He was Dutch, and with a lot of Dutch, they first have to thaw a bit before they can uphold a conversation from their end. Not like with  Americans or SA’s where spontaneous conversation is more likely to turn into something you wish you hadn’t started in the first place. Or sometimes it turns into a jol, I met some good people who also drove combi busses in my time.

Anyway, he spent three years building it up, new motor (1600cc) spray paint and he did the interior himself. He travels with a wife and newborn, which must be an achievement in itself –the newborn, I mean. On his way to Italy.Dingeldorf on Bodensee, Klausenhorn 1

Takin’ it easy in the dusk. There are a lot of this kind of camping vehicles in Europe like this.Surprisingly, some very nice ones are made by Fiat, a brand I do not have much respect for.( First In All Trouble) Very modern,with shower and toilet and all the mod cons like TV dish, hot water etc. The mobile home culture in Europe is not nearly a big and sophisticated as America. Also, the vans are much smaller, governed, I’m sure by the narrow roads as by the high petrol price. Still there is a nice selection of smaller vans, even Ford (gasp).

Castle 1

We came into Austria where we camp tonight. No internet connection. Can’t understand the language. Weird kind of German.

Konstanz 1

They don’t fuck around in Austria. This guy has got this giant gas burner and he simply burns the grass vrek. Check the layer of ice on the bottle.Grass cutting machine.

This is a grass cutting machine. It cuts the grass and vacuums it up and then sends it by internet to the garbage disposal. Okay, not by internet, but that’s coming soon, ha ha .


Seen on the roof of a shop in Konstanz. Nice iron work. How’s me catch the sea gull in the photo—luck…

Dingeldorf on Bodensee, Klausenhorn 2

The internet is a wonderful tool in a campsite—Anne about to phone her sister in South Africa on Skype. Video call and all.


In Austria—making sure you understand.

Konstanz 3

An average street in Konstanz. In fact anywhere in the Europe I have seen so far. Everywhere there are these old straight buildings with square windows and coesynne.


I used to make signs in the past, so I have a thing for them. This one says “Bekleben Verboten”, which I take to mean that stickers and posters are not allowed to be stuck on the door. Which means, if my interpretation is correct, that the graffiti artists were not disobeying the sign, not?

Tunnels 1

They got millions of tunnels in this place, but why some with windows is still a mystery, mon.Porsche camping

Look, you can pitch up with a fancy motor home and boats and trailers and raised your street cred in the campsite for sure. Or you can pitch up in a Porsche with a dinky little tent and a stunning babe. Guess who wins.

So then we went to the Swarovski museum near Innsbruck. I was really looking forward to it but unfortunately it was really not worth the effort. I thought we would see fine examples of past work but instead the entrance and the next ten or so rooms are dimly lit “artistic” representations of crystals.

Swarovski (69)

To give but one example of bad art. This heap of crap is squashed together aluminum wire called ‘Parasites’ As to whether it represents a tape worm, I am not sure.

Swarovski (35)

Here is a reasonable example of crystal work.

Swarovski (55)

Trouble with this stuff is you got to put it somewhere. Not where little Jonnie can get it.

Swarovski (51)

And then the crystal show ended in a giant Swarovski shop. Bummer.

Then we went to Mittenwald in Germany in the Alps where it form a border with Austria, which has to be one of the most pretty tourist villages I have ever seen. It deserves it’s own post

Some people say the pictures are half. Just click on them.

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