Friday, June 17, 2011


Today is hopefully container day. Friday, but it does not feel like it. Lots of work.( typed in the morning before)


( the next day)  There you are my little lovely. Complete with welding marks, where I welded you and fixed you because you were broke. No seal was broken and all the locks were not tampered with.

Container 1

As the day progresses, a few things become apparent. Top of the picture is the truck driver, a very friendly Dutch dude.

Bottom right is the dude who is busy putting my Kombi fridge facedown onto the trolley. Sigh. Left bottom is the guy who was a bit of a moaner, wanting to go to sit down and rest awhile, until I explained to the dude he has two choices, 1.- the stuff goes to the the storage, and 2.- the stuff goes to the storage. He can choose, and I got all weekend. He still was virtually useless, though.

The truck driver  proceeded to off load at least 95% of the stuff from the truck. Ok, so I know, as soon as the container is empty, he can go, but wow, that dude is strong and  willing. I loaded 75% from him, and the two took it up the lift and then Anne unloaded and she and I packed it into a semi coherent chaos. T he drivers truck had a script above his window, that said “No one said it would be easy” And he certainly works like that. And don’t forget, he doesn’t get paid for it and he didn’t, as a truck driver, need to do it. He just did it.Container Storage 1

Start packing . When we were setting up shop in St.Maarten we bought raw wood from Namibia, right from the sawmill. We still have about half.

Container Storage 2

More stuff. Five percent is personal house stuff, the rest is directly involved or allied to jewellery making. Unfortunately, the packers in St. Maarten were not inclined to listen to the mere mortals that hired them in the first place, so as we were unpacking, the truck driver was mumbling  and shaking his head in disbelief at the haphazard way the container had been packed. And trust me, the packers in ST. Maarten were so dumb that all the cupboards were packed empty and display cases were packed empty and Anne and I we were able, with some only half planned packing to reduce the cubic meters from 33 in the container to 25 in the storage room. That translates to some 320 Euros price difference.Container Storage 3

I sometimes  seriously doubted that everything was going to fit in was was essentially a far smaller space than from what it came from.Container Storage 4

And the storage space gets fuller.

Container Storage 8

And fuller. Frack, it seemed like ever. The truck driver had finished his (unintended) job and said his goodbye’s. What a good guy. Some people just have the right attitude in life. The other two had by this time ( 2:30-ish) buggered off, saying they had to go to the next job----right---turns out at 5 pm their driver came to fetch them, but they were AWOL….

Container Storage 13

And finally. Never mind the vicy pose, both our arms were mighty tired by that time. And I thought that it would never fit. If one thing became apparent today then that it is this: PACK IN SMALL BOXES.  It is easy to pack a lot of stuff in a big box, but frack, that become very heavy, very quickly.. And smaller boxes are easier to fit into cupboards and little places, so packing is more dense. The first box I packed in St. Maarten were books and for sure I am going to repack it into 4 smaller boxes.

We finished at about 5p.m after 9 hour of straight packing, and we were bushed. We went home had a glass of wine , a shower and bed. A job well done.060

Even though our packing left a lot to be desired, it was not quite like this fellow in Germany. That is a Mazda 626 in a delivery van. The mind boggles how it was inserted.

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