Monday, June 20, 2011

Going to Veere in Zeeland

The current temperature is 15C, I was asked.

We went to Veere in Zeeland which is a touristy little town of seriously ancient heritage. Steve and Lisette took us around, and most pleasant it was, with good friends and company.


I mean, this house was built in 1616. That was before  South Africa or America were even a thought in Bagdad, so to speak.

Darth Vader

On the way there we drove past Garth Varders holiday home. Actually this is the building from where the sluice gates are controlled. I imagine it must be an all mighty complicated state of affairs.


And these are Garth’s gun emplacements, sorry, I meant sluice gates. When you see how many there are around, hydraulically powered it’s all very impressive.


There was a stiff wind blowing…


and as can be seen, the wind was also quite chilly…ahem.


I look for little hidden figurines and statues in these old buildings. The line points to the figurine in the next picture.


And it is patently obvious that there is massive corrosion on it. I  see this everywhere, and it is probably not solvable, given the scale of damage world wide.


But look how pretty. That took some time to make.


There are the most amazing alleys in this town. This one is an entrance to a courtyard of a restaurant.


I added the inset to show the hammers on the bells.Clock-Piano

Because this was the ‘piano’ that the bells were played upon. I is not operative anymore, but were I living in that time, I would certainly have applied for the job. I would practice on Sunday afternoons and drive everybody mad…..

The first 20 clocks were installed in 1594 and weighed 7257 pounds. These were increased to 47 clocks around 1735.  I bet these clocks were also a reason aspirin was developed, to counter the headaches from the racket every Sunday.


This is an old courtroom. Behind the judge is a hearth, with a kettle hanging on a chain.


And if you were found guilty of stealing, for instance,then these handy branding set would be used to brand you.


The brand on the left was the place logo and the one one the right is “S” for stealing. They about 30mm big. Never mind namby pamby “shame he had a hard childhood, lets give him a second chance” type of thing. I am sure if this tried and trusted method were in use today, there would be very few repeat offenders. Look how deep the the branding face goes. A  mean mother of a burn. Mars-Cup

This cup was made in 1546 and was given to one main dude for helping another main dude out of the shit, with religion, men and horses . ( I  ain’t going to mention the particulars, but his name was Keizer V )


This is Mars, the god of war, on top of the lid. Remember, 1546, no files, polishing motors, electricity and sandpaper…..amazing work.Veere-ME-(75)

It’s very pretty.Veere-ME-(76)

With neat gardens.




This is a shop entrance to a snazzy boutique.


Cool or what? Some restaurant also have an entrance like this.


There was a Saturday kind of food market and this lady is peeling shrimps for a ‘broodje’. Ain’t she a pretty picture? The Dutch are fully into eating bread rolls with eel, fish, shrimps and rabbit type greenery. I have never eaten so much fish and so little meat in my life.  Besides, good meat is expensive here. Nothing like a $6/kilo grass fed Botswana fillet around, I am afraid. Sigh, it’s probably healthy for me, right?


But then, while we eating our fish rolls and fried other stuff, with a glass of good wine, two people ask if they may join our table. I blogged about this when we were in Mittenwald. A lively conversation ensued and it was most sociable and pleasant. Anne and I speak easily to strangers, so I imagine were this to be a regular occurrence if we were staying in that town, it would not be difficult to meet and form new friendships. This is something I really like about Europe.

Gull Babies

Common gull with little ones. Lots of birds around this place.


Nice, Black headed gull at rest.

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