Thursday, June 23, 2011

Imahashi and Chit Chat

Imahashi (2)

Ta Da Taa.. my (new) Imahashi.

Okay, not new of course, those things cost around $6000.

Imahashi (2)8

But my old warhorse has been working for about 30 odd years and so it is well worn. Compared to my current thirty year old model the ‘new’ one is virtually unworn.  I have been looking for one for about ten years, at gem sites and E bay, but to get exactly my model, and in good nick, was like looking for an honest politician---very difficult.

Graeme from the UK had came one one while he was buying another machine and he put it on E Bay because he didn’t have a need for the Imahashi.

While we were watching Moto GP in Germany about five weeks ago, I bid on it as well. It went to 630 British pounds and I won the bid. Thing is on E Bay, you put in the maximum you want to pay for the goods and then you leave it up to the Bidding gods. Mostly I dip out. And since it is in the EU, there was no tax getting it via UPS to NL. UPS charged me 100 BP and it took a few days and bingo, it was here.

The new one just needs a bit of polishing and cleaning and it is as good as new. Thing is, my hand piece of the old one is worn-out. I have modified it over the years to accommodate the wear, what with new bushes and shafts and the like, and it still cuts a fine stone. The new one had maybe cut 200 stones ( hobby style), as I can see from the wear and tear and mine has cut more than 15,000 stones, so there is a considerable difference.

Now all I got to do is find a place to live, build a workshop, build a shop and I’m ready to roll……..English guests

Either they are kidding the English, or the English have stolen them all.


Something made out of glass.


There are in NL and Germany an amazing amount of wind turbines. And some of them are seriously , seriously big. They got a door at the bottom and then I presume, a lift to the top. ( Surely not stairs). I am told that it is possible to go on a tour to see the inside of one---on my ‘to do’ list . These things are typically 60 to 100 meters high. The blades and the center thingi are seriously big , I saw one being transported in a trailer truck but I was going down the highway, and in Europe, you just DON’T stop on the highway to take pictures unless you want a truck up your ass or a cop up your schnozz..


Check how the stairs are worn. This stairway was in the building of the previous post, where the cup with Mars on top was.

I mean,  if you had a fancy measuring machine, could one measure the wear the house steps in your house each time you walked up them? Virtually impossible, it would be so little. Yet wear they do, otherwise this picture would not look like this. So it must be measurable. So every time you walk up and down in your house, it gets lighter. Trust me on this one.


A scooter painted in Valentino Rossi’s last year colours. Start  ‘em young, I say….

Today we went to Essen to check it out, but we found nothing nice, so I didn’t take any pictures. It’s a bit yawn-ish.

The difficult part of what we doing, is that we know nothing. We know that we know nothing. We also know that there are known knowns. We also know there are known unknowns.  But there are also unknown unknowns. ( Thanks, Donald.)

Seriously, a city can give a vibe, a feeling, that over here you could sell your jewellery, and over there you will not. The way the women dress, the quality of their clothing, what jewellery they wearing , how many jewellers are around, stuff like that.

Essen just did not cut it.

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