Monday, June 13, 2011

Into Dusseldorf.


Yesterday we went into Düsseldorf with some friends, Steven and Lisette. This is a picture of a main dude bank building downtown.

Commercial Bank 1

But if you look carefully above the left arch,Commercial Bank 2

And the right arch,

Commercial Bank 3

And the extreme left of the first picture. I could go on. This is often the cast with this kind of building . You see the building, and then on closer inspection, all kinds of figurines, animals and interesting statues are spotted.Coot

On the way to Dusseldorf, I spotted a Coot on eggs. Note the cool feet.

Nice Building

Neat building.


And a touch of N’debele art thrown in………..

Plastic eating machine.

New one for me. This machine eats plastic bottles. It stands in a supermarket. You come there and then you push buttons and then lights go on and then you shove your plastic bottles in the hole and then it crunches the plastic up with a very satisfying sound, and when you finished, it prints out a ticket worth money at the cashier, depending how many bottles it ate. Very smart, this thing. As soon as you put even a small value to something, people like myself will do an action for you that is much more expensive than what you pay me for the time and effort.

This leaves the populace with a feel good feeling of “having done something to save the planet,” the store can crow about being ‘green’ and the bottling company get the rubbish it sold to you in the first place, delivered back at minimal cost. Neat.In Dusseldorf (47)

Mime, and very good too. And people gave a reasonable amount of money to her, Anne included.


Dear Dad , Thanks for the lock you gave me for my bicycle. It works very well.

We went into a very nice restaurant and had a excellent meal with good friends, Dusseldorf is a very nice city too.I would have posted a picture, but Anne didn’t like it, so it got cancelled.

In Dusseldorf (23)

And neat jewellery fronts.There are a lot of jewellery shop in Düsseldorf and some very, very classy jewellery. It is all main stream though, and the shops, like the one pictured above, are also neat, clinical and have these well dressed shark like looking salesmen/security staff standing by the door.They are generally not the kind of shops your buddies pull in to say howzit to you.The shops we make are far more friendly, I would like to think. So our plan is now to first see if there are any jobs around that are pertinent to our skills. If that is possible, ( I hear that to be able to work in Germany as an EU passport holder, the job must have first been offered to German locals) then it seems logical to try that avenue. Six months or so would make the local jewellery landscape much more visible.

Otherwise, it is looking for premises and opening a shop.That is like jumping off the cliff, and one assembles the aero plane on the way down. In St Maarten, our first attempt at a shop proved to be an exercise in futility and frustration. For over a year we earned nothing and it took a lot of effort and money to extricate ourselves from the first location to move to Simpson Bay. So we been there before.

Camping Baderblick near Koblenz twice (8)

Germans are strange. This guy next to me brought his lawnmower and garden tools and then him and his wife proceeded to thoroughly garden their  little patch. Hey, whatever floats your boat….

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