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Mittenwald, restaurant (42)

Mittenwald has got to be one of the most completely pretty touristy villages I have come across so far. It does not come across tacky, though.Mittenwald, restaurant (11)

A clothing retailer with some nicely done up windows.

Mittenwald, restaurant (3)

All the paintings have a religious type of theme. It would be nice to see a  picture of Henry Fonda from ‘Easy Rider’ on his chopper or maybe the “ Bat out of Hell LP cover from Meat Loaf………...ha ha.Mittenwald, restaurant (15)

Of course, when it is time to redecorate, one does not quite phone the first painting contractor in the yellow pages. And I think It would be a touch more expensive than just slapping on an under-coat of egg shell white. This is the place that graffiti artists are hung.

Mittenwald, restaurant (16)

This one has just been finished and Herr Klaus and his team have moved on to the next masterpiece. That painting is about two people high.Mittenwald, restaurant (18)

Some nice examples of religiously inspired work in Mittenwald.

As always, in any village I have come across in Europe, It, they are dominated by church spires. This is still a remnant of older times, though.

I doubt if there were a village like this built in modern times, that religion would be woven so persuasively through it’s social architecture. But religion, like sex and death, inspire men to incredible effort.

Mittenwald, restaurant (25)

This is immediately apparent inside the church, which is actually quite modest compared to some of the ones I have seen so far. I have a post of a church Barry took me to outside Zurich saved, which I will post when things are a little more quite.Mittenwald, restaurant (30)

Took a while to build, carve and paint all of this…..Imagine if all this effort over the ages had gone into scientific effort.----- we would now be selling real estate on Jupiter.Mittenwald, restaurant (41)

Make no mistake, the photo does the subject no justice, it is absolutely inspiring to think of the effort that has gone into this. Note the baby pram parked in the middle. The parents were in a shop with the baby, I might add. But I have been in countries where the pram would at least be up on bricks, with the wheels stolen……

Mittenwald, restaurant (54)

Come lunchtime, we found a tiny restaurant called the ‘The Little Potato Sack.’ It was quite chilly outside but don’t kid yourself, the people sit outside in 10 degrees weather as it’s a sunny day on Durban beach. Frikken freezing, and they sit out in T SHIRTS. Say no more.

Mittenwald, restaurant (49)

So cool ( warm ) inside. Run by a family.There was a whole bunch of old fogies, (read, slightly older than myself ) that had just left, so I took this picture.

Mittenwald, restaurant (50)

Space is at a premium in this restaurant, so the two people in the front were joined by the couple in the background, complete with a little dog that had a blanket rolled out for it on the seat and where it sat happily for the duration.. Did I mention that Germans like dogs ? Trust me on this one. Anyway , after the formalities were finished with, a lively conversation ensued. The nice thing is they parted more than nodding acquaintances. And the food was plentiful and very, very waistline increasingly good.Exploring Munchen (5)

On to Munchen (I can’t do an umlaut on this computer..)

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