Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some Lachen in Switzerland, Some Germany.

Anne 2

Cycling in Lachen and the Porsche basks in the reflected glory. Barry and Nadine  Cycling (72)

There are lots of cycle paths in and around Lachen. And the weather was absolutely perfect.

Barry and Nadine  Cycling (4)

Got to include some pictures of the Swiss country side.

Last Day And To Germany (15)

The Swiss tunnels are cringingly neat.

Last Day And To Germany (42) 

After Lachen we went back into Germany. Switzerland is nice but not for a business now. Maybe in a few years time. Maybe. The Swiss are to anal for my liking. Everything has to be done just so and no other way is allowed. You WILL be quite from 12 to 2 pm and you can’t open your business on Sunday and you not allowed to wash your car in the street and you can’t cut your grass on Sunday and….like that.Last Day And To Germany (43)

But sleepy German town are not what we are looking for. This is outside Waldshut.

Last Day And To Germany (61)

German countryside—very pretty.

Customs 2

We drove along the Swiss/German border and in doing so we twice inadvertently drove into Switzerland . ( Led by our GPS—Lydia. ) The first time the customs official just let us turn around .

The second time we landed up with a Swiss customs prick.

He decided Anne and I were suspicious and he told us to pull over to the side, where he made us wait for half an hour while he helped all the cars.

I walked back and asked him how long this was going to take. The second time I walked back,I was a bit pissed off. I have been through thousands of customs posts in my life, what with Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and America. So I know when I have a piss-ant customs official with mini complex in front of me…. and that’s just from the smell alone. Customs 3

He sits in the little Wendy house in the top left of the picture. When he came to the car, he started lecturing to me on how “ve doo tzings in Twitzerland”. I , super sarckie, apologized, on how I’m sorry I hurt his tender, tender  feelings. I’m just your average stupid tourist, I know.


The rotund little ferret busy searching. He says,”Oh, it’s ze camping”  “I told you”- me, with more than a smug voice.

You know, customs officials like this, more that anything, can piss me off seriously. Also, I’m hardegat because I got nothing to hide.

Admittedly, I am also aware that when a van, looking essentially like a  delivery van, arrives, it puts amber flags where there are two obviously foreign people driving it. STILL.

Last Day And To Germany (36)

Nice hotel in Germany. You just know things are going to be well run inside.

Last Day And To Germany (37)

Ornate metal work. I saw several of this type of work on hotels and shops further on.

Last Day And To Germany (55)

Most of the pics were yesterday in Germany. It was the most perfect summer day ever. It was wind still and T shirt warm.

Last Day And To Germany (39)

Even a power station managed to look pretty.

Last Day And To Germany (64)

My favorite subject…….

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