Friday, June 10, 2011

This and That

Anne and Ducks

Anne and the ducklings, who have grown in a week an amazing amount. All five have survived.Mommy

Mommy duck is very proud. She is in very good condition. Generally, song birds look a bit ragged round the edges when they rear young. ( most parents do, now that I think of it ). But ducks seemingly know better.


Marktplaats in Delft. Delft is nice. Kind of placid and quiet.People parking off and having mid afternoon coffee.

Delft 1

My mother was born in Delft, so it’s funny to think that she must have walked through the marktplaats often.

Delft Marktplaatz (1)

Also got some mean buildings in Delft.


Specially bred swan.

Baby girl

Patently loved, it says ‘Hoera Meisje’ ( Hurrah,girl )


I really thought this was cool. Sort of   “ There, I fixed it “  The dude, leaning on the box had something to do with painting the building, and he was waiting for paint or something. And the radio had a little twisted copper wire at the back as an aerial.

Tanker sign

Okay, so I understand the flammable sign, but the one on the right, as I see it is a warning that if the contents of this tanker truck ever falls into a lake that has Baobab trees in it, then a fish is likely to die, stranded on a rocky outcrop in that lake. A horrible death indeed. -------------( Disclaimer: I know what the sign means.)

Then look at the No plate. Ok, I know that the truck is from Netherlands, but the O ? Weird thing, like the cut in the R………


I couldn’t resist.

Incomprehensible sign

I found this sign in Stuttgart.

As of until now, I have not found one single campsite in or around the city. Three of the Google results led to empty parking lots, or to a park, or to a dealership. We found a cool one about 40k’s out of Stuttgart. Difficult to believe that such a large city would have no campsites.From Munchen to Stutguard to Kleinenzhof in Bad Wildbad (31)

No, it’s not a Nude Bar. It’s a NOODLE bar, how exciting.


“ Night brought on its purple cloak, of velvet to the sky.”—Donovan.

If I didn’t know better, this could be the Chobe. As it is, it’s in Germany.

Our container arrived in Rotterdam and we had a meeting with some customs officials and we had to sort out some queries. Our stuff is just jewellery stuff, workshop and shop. Usually it’s just household stuff, people coming back from St. Maarten. So this one threw a wobbly but once we explained our position, there was no problem afterwards. So now we organized  storage space and as soon as the container get cleared we have a slight headache of transporting our worldly hard-won goods to a safe and dry place—at 250eu per month.

This week we also handed in our licenses to be converted to a EU license. This is a process that is not inexpensive.

They take your valid license and give you two photocopied and stamped A4 sheets in return ------  With a stern warning to  “ Drive carefully and don’t have and accident, because these papers could be problematic if the police ask for them.”

I kid you not.

But the system works very well here, with officials who are polite, intelligent and quite happy to solve your problem. Trust me when I say that this is not common in my previous countries of abode.

I have been getting quite good consumption from ‘ol Frankenfurter. About 1100 k’s for 80 liters of diesel. It varies from 1.33 EU to 1.66 per liter. That’s like 24 EU per tank which is enough to have a good meal with.

Tomorrow it is back to Germany and we investigate Dusseldorf again. It is a toss up between Dusseldorf and Munchen so far. 

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