Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Towards Pforzheim via Ulm.

Bridge in ULM (7)

Such a cool bridge in Ulm.

From Munchen to Stutguard to Kleinenzhof in Bad Wildbad (36)

With crown on top, all gilded in aluminum gold paint and spies and things.

From Munchen to Stutguard to Kleinenzhof in Bad Wildbad (35)

This bridge must have been made in nineteen voetsek . No welding, no lasers, just plain tough work and rivets.

I have been to Pforzheim thirty years ago and at that time I was more into gem cutting than goldsmithing. So, when I came to Pforzheim yesterday, my emphasis was on jewellery this time. And there is nothing better than the Pforzheim jewellery museum.

Jewellery on display spanning some 4000 years. Of course, as in any museum they have idiotic rules like no talking, farting and cameras. I mean, what else to human beings do but take pictures and produce hot air over them?

Camping Baderblick near Koblenz twice (24)

I went into a couple of places in the city and this shop is one with a common sign seen all over the world, actually,—teeth gold and old gold—a sign of the economic times, no? Trust me, getting old gold out of teeth is real grill stuff. You either send it away or hit the old teeth with a hammer and melt the rest of the shit. When you melt it, it smells just like when the dentist drills too hard and smokes your teeth. Nice..

The Pforzheim museum does not disappoint, although the reception is somewhat humorless. Germans are not known to be comedians generally. None of the spontaneous bursting out in laughter thing.

Anyway there were a couple of female room guards ‘uberwachting’ us in the rich room. And rich it was too, and well represented. But no photo’s, I’m afraid.


Nice entrance…..

Camping Baderblick near Koblenz twice (32)

One of the rooms the museum contains, is the perfect example of the shit-art I hate with a passion.

A collection of half-baked concrete and rocks and ‘found objects’ that are strategically placed to produce ‘art’.

Anyway, as mentioned I was not allowed to take pictures but, I did…

Camping Baderblick near Koblenz twice (33)

This is the kind of display they have. But the main jewellery room is pitch black, which means the curator should be shot at the first available dawn. Stumbling around in darkness going from pointedly lit displays is not my idea of looking at important jewellery collections. Bright lights reign supreme, me thinks.

Camping Baderblick near Koblenz twice (34)

In another room, off to the side there was a small René Lalique display, and there was a piece that I had copied carved and wax cast from a picture that I had found in a book in 1995.

I was very disappointed. I always thought that the pieces that he had created would have vibrant colours and be LARGE, like in your face.

Instead, I found the piece shown, for instance, to be exactly like the picture above. Small and pale and the opal crazed like mad. The opals has probably deteriorated over the years. Seriously disappointing. In fact none of the Art Noveau jewellery represented there was actually like the pictures in the book. Super saturation and correct angles reigns supreme.The photography was far better than the actual pieces. I never realized that when I, as a wet nosed youngster looked at all these masterpieces, that even in print there would be the adding of colour and obfuscation of detail. I thought that only happened in Photo Shop.Lalique

Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t shooting down ANY of Lalique’s work. Above is a picture I took from the book. it’s just that the pictures are untrue.

Next time I come to Pforzheim, I will revisit the museum and I will arrive with the master book I purchased there and my optivisor, and I am going to spend as long as it takes to study all the ancient and contemporary jewellery there. Until I understand how it was done, Uberwatcher notwithstanding……

And trust me, there is nothing like looking at ancient jewellery, and thinking of the methodology available at the time to put yourself in your place. Namely, all the steps you got to go through to get to that level. Unfortunately, the book I bought did not have a picture of which to me was the most intriguing piece.The 2000 BC made piece of intricate jewellery. It is of high quality workmanship, and then 4000 years ago. I have wondered if the loss of these skills and their rediscovery in one form or another, is due to the general goldsmiths secretness. And that caused an inability to share skills.


I think they mean there is a safe place for woman to park overnight. But only two.Nijmegen (14)

Nijmegen, we went there because there is a jeweller who manufactures his own jewellery.

Nijmegen (21)

He has a nice shop, all closed up. Bummer.opening times

Sigh. I think his opening times can only mean on of two things. He is fracking lazy, or he does so well he only has to work  a little.Summer

Summer in the Netherlands. There are a pair of Swans with babies in the background.

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