Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dusseldorf Shops.


We had such hot weather in Dusseldorf, that the umbrella was rigged up shade, and we had sweat on our bodies instead of goose pimples.Buying-Gold

This is a first for me here. A shop dedicated to only buying gold. There was a guy in the shop behind a desk with a scale and some fancy lights. Then the guy will take that gold that he buys from the public to the refiners and they will pay him money, then that gold will be made into products, including jewellery, which I make, and then eventually, when that jewellery falls out of favor, it will come to a shop such as this. Gold must be the greenest product around.


So pretty. And with a bit of luck, I will have more time to explore this and many other buildings out there.


Probably one of the nicest jewellery shops I have come across. The dude is well known here, I checked from the internet. Cool style jewellery too.


And this is the space above. Sooner or later, you would live on top and have the business downstairs. XCool or what?  There is no better lifestyle than that. Bazooka-Picture.

Not to difficult to figure why cigarettes are more popular. You need a car boot to carry your habit around with this guys equipment. It’s like “Ok, lets meet for a smoke. I’ll just go to the back to load the trailer.”

And the Germans smoke a frack shit plenty. Even young kids, like 16, walking around smoking. And when it comes down to pollution, everybody throws their plastic and paper and what have you all neatly away in various bins. But cigarette butts? Everywhere there are stompies  on the ground. You cannot look to the ground and not see see a butt.

And I think fuck, I did that as well when I was a kid, but in these days? I mean, when I was that age there were adverts that said doctors recommend Camel cigarettes. Now with all the health warnings and the known trouble that comes with smoking? Kids, here me. If you going to smoke, rather roll a joint. At least it does something.

In most countries I have seen less and less people smoke over the years, especially in SA and America. Dog-scooter.

So funny. I enlarged the picture below.


And the dog was not fazed at all…. You got to figure. Did the owner ride around with his dog and noticed that his mutt’s eyes were red, bloated and weeping? Or did he figure right from the start that , right , you're a puppy and you WILL wear goggles. Anyway, the dog was quite happy on the back.

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