Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dusseldorf Things


The old days.

Cool building

And  modern days. I wonder if this building was shown to the architects of the first picture, what they would say.


Don’t be fooled, these are BIG buildings…….

Cleaning the building

Of course, with modern glass buildings, one can’t send in Sadie, the Cleaning Lady to do the windows. Industrial oomph is needed.


I have posted of this shop before. But for crying in a bucket, why is it so successful ? OK, the bread and stuff is excellent, but it’s not that good, compared to the myriad other backers in Dusseldorf. And believe me, here in Dusseldorf there are fracking millions of Backerei.


There are 12 visible staff members and when I took this picture, there were over 30 customers, waiting to be served. Talk about busy, talk about making money.

Position. It is ALL about position. This dude has another branch down the drag and it is not near as busy.

Position can be literally 50 meters from divine to desolation.Camping-bike-1

Bicycles are big in Europe. What I like from some folk is that just because they are on the wrong side of sixty does not mean life has become a drag. There are quite a few like this dude. On his own some and quite happy to be so.


Took  him about half an hour to set up, and then he was off to the local  for a couple of cold ones. Now, is that cool or what? I seen a couple of ladies do this on their own some too.  Ernst kühle, meine Freunde.


And speaking of seriously cool. I have very seldom seen a female busker. Mimes, yes, but never a girl that plays guitar, sings and is good looking to boot. And what was even more weird, there were no young men gathered around her. For frack sakes, here is an obviously spunky chick, got guts, got discipline ( to learn) and panache and no adoring males around. Are all the males wimps here? Sheeeez, please give me back my youth…….


This picture could be used in promotional material for the lock. It obviously works very well.


Right in the middle of Dusseldorf a gaggle of Canadian geese decided to look for a take away café that was still open.Canadian-Geese-1

Munching on the grass.


Munching on bread. Nothing as mundane as eating grass for our own badelynge of ducks. I don’t know where the drakes have gone but at the moment there are only ladies present. Every morning, bang on time. So cute.

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