Friday, July 22, 2011

Shops and Licenses.

There comes a time when all this “moving to a new country” bit becomes a drag. I am now gatvol of not having a workshop and looking at jewellery only in shop windows or on the net.

I want to start making it again, and more importantly, I want to  start selling it again. There are shops available, but they just not in the exact position we want.

Now I know that the chances of getting a prime position is unrealistic and improbable, but I also know that opening up is a kak location is a good way to lose money.No-go-shop

Like this one we checked out.  The foot shop. No go. It is around the corner from the main drag, so little passing traffic. No wonder it’s closing.

In fact, two things that are able to lose money the fastest is opening up a restaurant or a jewellery shop. But not opening on also uses money, slowly but surely.

And anyway, we cannot carry on with this lifestyle for more than maybe two more months because then the summer ends and we have to have proper shelter. It gets a touch chillies round these parts.

If nothing comes up then there are two options.


Or look for a job.  I have no problem finding a job, since I am sure that in some workshop or another I have the skills to justify my wages. It’s just that I have only worked for a boss about 3 years out of the 35 years I have been working. Even that does not worry me, I can get along with people well enough, or keep my big mouth shut when I have to. Mostly.

It’s just that getting a job puts my shop acquisition on solid hold. There is no way I could start a new job and leave a few months later because some shop has come up. That would piss me off if it was done to me and I am sure it would do the same for my boss. So I think that I will leave the job thing until the last possible moment.

After kak weather

Last week we were in NL, to sort out our drivers licenses. It rained something fierce and then the next day it was clear again. The gulls took the opportunity to bath in the new fresh morning on a farmers field.Flowers

Also brought out some pretty flowers.

The license department queried the fact that my motorbike license from St Maarten was only three months old. They thought I went to ST Maarten purposely to do my license there and then have it transferred to a EU one in NL. This gets done so that Netherlanders avoid the major mission of obtaining a license in NL. and the costs, EU1800 as apposed to $300 in St Maarten.

Not so—here.

So Lisette, in her usual competent way, found a document in a  file we had left at her place and sent it off to them.  I proved that I had been stuck there for eight years. They accepted it. And bingo, a few days later it was there for pic-up.

Note, ST Maarteners and South Africans, a FEW days , not months and months.

So now I finally don’t have to walk around with a passport. Got credit card license that doubles up as  ID as well.

Dude, I am getting so local, soon I will be wearing wooden shoes and wearing ‘Lederhosen’ as well.


Taken while we were scouting for shops.


OK, there are NO bumper stickers here, but some humor can be found.  Teeth covering the tow hitch.

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