Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Dusseldorf Stuff.


How to make a successful eating place in the city.

1. Make it so small that there is ALWAYS a queue.

2. Sell something that is very cheap or very expensive, nothing in between.

3. Make the name stupid, like in this case, Fritz and Friends.

4. No more than 10 or 12 things for sale.

5. Laugh when someone asks for a custom order

This guy has two shops nearby--- identical—including the permanent queues outside—always.

Good Shop

Here is another successful one. There is also always a crowd around this one. His neighbors?---------- Suffer, dogs, suffer.

 BuildingThis is just an normal ‘house’ in an outlying suburb of Dusseldorf.Building-DetailBut then check out the detail in the middle. I’n it cute?Building.

This is one of the really imposing high tech buildings in downtown Dusseldorf.  Over the previous weekend a section of glass popped out and moered to the ground.    Oh my oh my, what trouble.

Building Climbers

In the next two days they sent the in window netting Swat team, the only real macho job in Germany, and they clad the entire fraking building in netting. The whole building, about 25 stories.— done. by. Tuesday.

I had a good look at the way the windows are mounted and for the life of me I cannot see how a window like that can fall out. I wonder if there is not a more sinister reason—just saying.


‘n droll in die drink water. Sorry a dove in the shop window. The dude had to throw all the bread away.

Lift doors in the Handwerk building.

We had to go to the Trade center for handmade stuff to find out about licenses and things. There were a whole lot of students that were doing exams or tests or something. And in the tradition of youngsters, this is what the lift doors look like, after they have been given the  ‘modern art student’  look.       Love it.Penny-whistle-girlYet another pretty female busker, playing all on her ownsome without one single interested male around her. What is it with these male youngsters in Dusseldorf ? Are they all shy or sly? She looked pretty stoned, though, and the ‘music’ she was making could be vaguely described as ‘ whimsical’. Struggling-Chicks

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but these two spent about two hours trying to pitch the tent. At first it seemed there were to many tent poles, then it appeared there were to few. Then the entrance was on the wrong side of the tent, but after turning the tent around, this was found not to be the case after all. Then there were problems with the hammer used to hammer the tent pegs into the ground. The danged thing kept missing the pegs. It was eventually sorted out though.Central-Square

This is the Marktplatz in town and if you click on the link below your view will be transported to one of the top windows by the flag. It give a new picture every 10 seconds. So you can see the what the weather is like.

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