Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shop and Carving stuff

This blog is a jewellery blog, namely the jewellery I make. Over the last two months it then changed to a ‘travel blog’ because I can’t make jewellery now.

Now the immediate travel bit is over, it will focus on a “ Dusseldorf observation” blog. Or a “ How to get a frikken’ shop going before your money runs out “  blog. So we have been doing the rounds, getting our feet wet, ( literally) so to speak.

However, and this make blogging a bit of a drag, is when I get told what I can or cannot write and what I should write. So I am not allowed to write about all the shops yet by executive spousal order…sigh.

Corner shop

This is the first one that is available. On the corner. It has three floors, that is, a ground level floor and two basement floors. All in all some 200 square meters, very nicely finished off.  But it is in the wrong place. So we not taking it.

Corner shop 1

The floor plan in very corner-ish. I like a shop to be square-ish. Makes it easier to fit out, and my existing displays fit easily. This one also has four doors, which I really don’t like.

Corner shop 3

It’s one of those “ architect gone wild with design” type shops. It used to be a antique shop.

Corner shop 2

This is the bottom floor. Never mind the blue. The two doors are  a very nice bath room and toilets.Corner shop 4

This view from the street. It is on the corner, and there in lies the problem. Place,place,place. It is not very well situated. Not the best foot traffic one could want. But a very nice place. We can put gold smithing, gem cutting/carving, wood and metal workshops in there with space to spare. With the potential of living there as well. Very comfortable.


This one is in the right location. Lots of foot traffic. We heard about it from a shop owner . That’s all I’ll say now.


You know, I really, really got some dick head friends.

The other day we speak on Skype video.

Now, those that know me, know I call a spade a spade. I am brash, blunt and my language was not taught at school. So here I am talking my usual bullshit when suddenly everybody starts blushing and looking embarrassed.

Then they turn the laptop around and there sits some innocent 20 something chick who’s sensibilities I have now trampled on. She’s blushing and all hurt or something…..

My unpaid advice:-- If you want to speak with me and not be embarrassed, tell me your sensitive child is in the room and I shall speak appropriately. ( I am very good at baby talk )

But if you phone me up and you don’t tell me Sister Theresa is in the room hiding out of lap top view, then expect un cut Hans talk.

Or don’t phone………That’s the way it is.


Zimbo Statue

And while I am on the subject of pissed off, here is another fat gripe of mine.  This piece of  shaped soapstone I immediately recognized as coming out of Zimbabwe. It was for sale in some  fancy  hotel lobby downtown Dusseldorf.Nicholas Mukomberanwa

It was carved by Nicholas Mukomberanwa, now deceased. Shame, the poor fucker.

If you go to the site shown in the bottom right hand of the picture and click on ‘galleries’ you see the actual price of similar pieces on offer.

Like $1000 –2000 on average.Zimbo Statue 2

EU 13,800.---I would not mind if the money went to his family but somehow I doubt they even know how much the price is. I will bet my life he did not get more that $200 for this piece. If that. And not to put to a fine point on it , it not very good at all. Now before any squeal comes, just consider this. It this soapstone shape was stolen, how much would it be worth to a buyer of stolen goods?

You would not even be able to give it away as a doorstop……

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