Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, Cycling in Dusseldorf


It is summer here, with dappled sunlight on green. Just so pretty. Anyway, I found out about a bicycle rental company in Dusseldorf and I registered myself.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf19

And then it was over to Anne to figure out how one goes about actually getting your ass on to the saddle. You do a whole lot of texting and phoning and then the combination is given and bingo! the lock releases the bike. Cool. But for fracks sakes these are kak things to ride. They got back peddle brakes which really throw us , coming from proper mountain bikes Anne and I used to have. Anyway, it all worked and we set of on our somewhat wobbly way.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf12

My chief navigator around the city. She does from times lead me from  “de wall in de sloot.” But we get there eventually. Cute though, not?Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf5

By and by, we came upon sort of flea /eating type market which is a seriously cool place to mellow out and eat some local food and drink some local plonk.  But fracking expensive. Five euro for a small wine glass of  rose wine with some pieces of strawberries in it. Needless to say, we didn’t stay round to get pissed.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf-14There was music being played, and these guys were not half bad at all. They were doing the Stones song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’. The guy on lead was excellent, but check out the other two dudes. Base and rhythm………. and I swear, I know that song backwards and it was close to the original. Very enjoyable.


There was this stand that sold  silver jewellery and handbags and stuff. It was all open and there was this one dude who was like serving everybody. He is standing to the left, not even in the picture. And everyone around both sides of his stand was picking up stuff and handling it and discussing it with their buddies and PUTTING IT BACK!!-- Fucking amazing.--

If his stand was at the Rose Bank flea market in South Africa, the dude would be cleaned out faster than a goat running through an Arab village. I was amazed. This society is just so unbelievably honest.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf15

We came to the  Ministry of Justice and in front of that very impressive building is this view.IMG_5059

Some close-up of this most impressive work. Don’t even ask me what it is about. I just love the work.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf11

OK, I could seriously live with having this work restored to the original “I have just unveiled this to the chief” level, but dang, this is some dinkum good workmanship.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf17

And in the modern day, this is also not an unimpressive piece of work. Stainless steel tubing and sheeting in fountains of water.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf16

I had to put this in. Advertising an art thingi. Kind of in your face. The little tri angle wood thingi in the background is for the ducks to get out.


This boat plying the river Rhine . I have no idea what it transports, but the fracking thing is long. Check out the itsy bitsy looking  car on the back to give a perspective. Flies a Dutch flag, nogal ook.


Yours truly riding on a bicycle with a Little Red Riding Hood basket on the front –for fuck sakes. Luckily none of my friends saw me………………Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf-3

And just a little way up I took this picture. The hair people, the hair. Is there ANYTHING more pretty than that? -- Emma Watson, are you listening? ( Emma cut her hair off and went from exquisite to a bald retread car tyre in two seconds flat )  OK, I exaggerate only slightly, but you get the drift… Real men don’t like short hair on woman.Sunday-Cycle-in-Dusseldorf-4

We met this most interesting bicycle and one of the owners. A Belgium couple, who have travelled all over north Africa, doing some 4000k’s in four months there she told me ( whew).  Right now they are doing  Holland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Not bad for a couple that are well into their fifties. Trust me, there are some people in the world who just DO it and damn the torpedoes. And I just love this bicycle. A tandem with attitude and  a trailer. I forgot to ask, but I wonder if it was custom made, now that I look at the picture.


And speaking of unusual thing, this BMW is also something I have never seen before. Classy comes to mind.


Along the way there is what looks to us savages from Africa a squatter camp. Something that is quite common in SA and even in St Maarten. This does not seem to be the case here though. I speak under correction, but it seem to be a parcel of land that local people can grow veggies and plant and stuff. None of the building are permanent and we saw like a dude tending his strawberries and another who had maize and some who had some neat vegetable gardens. And its quite big too. Like I say, I am not sure, but we have seen this in other places in Germany before .


And finally we found a tavern in the hot dessert, we tied our steads up and hollered for some beer. And the we rode ( wobbled ) off into the sunset.

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