Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This and That.


Here, when there is a small accident you got to work it out between yourselves. You fill in this form and then send it to the relevant chief chickens. Cops don’t get called, unless someone is hurt. This, of course would not work in St.Maarten.

Watch, ..Ahem…


Not that there is no impatience here. This Mercedes REALLY leant on his hooter because the Landie sort of blocked his way. It’s maar the way Merc owners drive, I suppose.


OK, if you type in German humor, Google does not exactly fill your screen with hits. But sometimes I do find it. This sign from Altstadt. It says (roughly) that this shop does not produce much income, but does make for good times. …..Stop laughing…..


There is a year round fruit and veggie and food market in the center of Dusseldorf. Our eyes lit up when we walked in there. Here we share a delicious fish in batter with potatoes. Only 5 euro, and it was enough for both of us. This was our lunch, while shop hunting.


Ann at the same market a day earlier. She has this affinity for fruit and green things, which is typical of the gentler sex, I’m told.


There are, in Dusseldorf, three type of shops that are very common. Bakeries,  hairdressers and plenty flower shops. Especially bakeries. One on every corner. But this one in the picture does unbelievably well, compared to any other. I wonder what makes this shop so popular, since, at first glance, it sells the same product as the rest. I swear, I had to wait ten minutes before the window cleared enough to take this picture. Check out how many people are inside. And there are at least four others within 200 meters from that one.He has a good product, but not THAT better that his competition.


Now this is a cool idea. This guy jammed business cards in his window.

Giant  Chain

One of the larger Gucci chains seen around town.


This is what the Easter bunny looks like with out his cute fur. Or head. Or feet. Or ears….. Not sure I will eat rabbit, ever.



Very nice. I really am into looking  UP  here. Such interesting things on the side of buildings.

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