Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Campsite and Gold Refining


Just arrived in the Hague, and like typical Hague weather, it is pissing. Our favorite campsite is flooded we were told so we went to the one in Wassenar.

It is a well run one, but it comes with some parameters that have to be met. For one you got to fill out some serious admin, where upon you get issued a entry card.

It opens up the boom. Then there are a shit house of signs warning you to drive at 10k’s children playing signs and people walking signs.

All at 10k’s.  Speed humps galore---- one couldn’t drive faster than 5 k’s even if you drove one of those roof of Africa cars.


Nanny sign

But it is the bathrooms that really do it for me. They clean and neat----------- and multi sex.

Like, men and woman together.  Showering, using the toilets, doing their things in the morning.

You know, I am no prude, but woman things are woman things and man things are man things.

And people do not look good in the morning.

Myself included.

So there you are shaving and in the mirror behind you the shower door opens and a strange woman walks out, a plastic bag over her hair.

In the flash before I can avert my eyes, I see pink and orange curlers vaguely through the plastic shower cap. The after image of giant breasts and a bright green bath towel burn into me. One cannot un see something like that--- She then pulls out an industrial hair dryer machine and I get blasted with hot air and burnt perfume---delightful.---------- Before breakfast.

But it is the coin system that took a while to work out.Bathroom-Coin

First, you got to take 50 cents and put it into this machine. It then gets you the ‘camp coin’.Bathroom-Coin-1

Then you chose the shower stall you like.Bathroom-Coin-3

Then you put the ‘camp coin’ into this machine and press the appropriate number, which lights up, telling you it has sent the command to the selected shower.Bathroom-Coin-2

Inside the shower you first press the button and then there is a LED display that tells you how long the hot water runs. You get six minutes for 50c . There's no way you can start the shower without getting a dose of cold water first. Lovely, at least it gets you awake. Six minutes is generous. Most showers one only needs four minutes tops.

Oh boy, multi sex bathrooms might float some peoples boat, but I can just imagine a hot romance ending when the dude hears this  sexy young chick that he met last night, gargling next to him first thing in the morning.

Talk about a passion killing bathroom.



Today we went to Antwerp, to go and have our bench sweeps and carpet refined. A goldsmith buddy of mine James from Belgium, gave us an address of a reputable firm.

So we climbed in Frankenfurter and drove about a hundred kilos from the Hague.Melting-1

Very nice operation in a seedy area.  Serious, serious security.


Then they take you to a little cage on the third floor. Like double doors and thick glass and all that. I sneaked this picture with out asking, because there a million security cameras. I always prefer to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

So what happens then is the dude takes the gold that is brought in and melts it in an induction machine and then once it it melted, he pours it into an ingot.

Also, whilst the gold is melted he puts a thin quarts tube into the melt and draws the molten gold into the tube. Then he breaks away the quarts with a small hammer and Viola, a thin rod of gold.

This rod is then used to analyze the fineness at the pay out office.

Then you go to the downstairs office and they put you into another mini jail.  Then they tell you how fine your gold is and then they pay you out in cash accordingly.


So all those buying old gold places bring their gold to a place like this and then they get instant cash, ( with the right papers and numbers ). Then that company or another refine it to fine and then it all gets fed back into the world markets. I can’t think of a single commodity that is recycled more than gold.

We also handed in the carpet and that will take about a month.



The melting dude has a gas torch on a soft flame and he puts the ingot molds in it. Kept warm and sooty at the same time. Smart.


Taken in the Japanese garden in the Hague.



Windscreen Wipers.

Somewhat obsolete windscreen wipers.

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