Monday, August 22, 2011

The First Few Days

We have set up shops before, Anne and I.

St maarten1

This is how St Maarten started.

St maarten

And this is the shop up and running

No 1

This place was a book shop- and we assume was run by an old man. He was obviously not high on the maintenance thingi.

No 2

Day 1.   So the first thing is to get rid of the old carpet and that awful staircase.

I am going to build a new staircase out of the Mukwa wood that I brought from Botswana eight years ago and that by now should be nice and cured. I need my circular saw though.

We have been going to Bauhaus and buying the minimum tools needed to get the job done. With long teeth, I might add. Because I already have them in the Hague. I hate buying double tools.

No 3Cleaned and gone.No 6

Then day 2 was to paint the walls and ceiling with white. This allows for any other colour to be applied later.

No 8

Day 3 was to finish painting the rear part of the shop and also finishing off the corners with white paint.

In the mean time Anne lay the basic base line for the tiles. Normally, one would start in the middle but this shop in not so straight and square, so we start from the side.No 10

Day 4. Sunday.

After I had finished the walls of the shop, Anne and I were able to finish seven rows of tiles. It goes much faster with two working at it.

We have to be back at the campsite by seven because it closes then. A real drag, since we could work to 10 or eleven easily.


We also get a fine for parking outside.

That sucks, man.

On fucking Sunday.

This is the reason I am completely against circumcision. You see when a boy gets circumcised, the foreskin gets planted in a disused parking lot and then it grows into a traffic cop.

This is an appalling thought. The fact that there is a 55 year old traffic cop walking around who has my genes, so to speak.


Today, we go to the Hague. Then we have to service the car, and load up our workshop and truck it down to Dusseldorf.

We waiting for a quote from the movers. If  it is not to expensive, we go that route. It is a MAJOR mission to load everything.

We got to be back next week Monday to notarize the lease agreement. In Germany, everything get notarized.


Old and New

Nice, the old and the new. Somehow it works. Nice house too, even though it is somewhat vertical.

Seriously Naff

This is the leader of the Naff Angels.

They are a real tough bike crowd here in Dusseldorf, always giving the police trouble and always helping little old ladies across the street.

It’s the bobby socks that strikes fear into law abiding citizens hearts.------------- I too have bad dreams about them………..

And to add insult to injury, he drives a Honda.

27 casey stoner, motogp_0_original

The same make that Casey Stoner rides.

The world is a cruel place…………….

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