Monday, August 29, 2011

More Moving and Shop Stuff


Today was a necessary mission in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Moving the Workshop again (14)

Just because the truck driver decided to leave this out, we had to drive back to the Hague. The weather was heavy rain most of the way.

On Sunday is a good time because less trucks and people.

More cops though.

This camp only lets you out at nine-ish. Ha- and you got to be back at seven, so it kind of limits your working day.

But first to sort out the frightening mess.

And to fix all the broken glass doors and tops and some sides. The St Maarten movers broke most of our glass cabinets.---sigh…

This week we will start to seriously upgrade the toilet and allied things.


Today we had a ten a.m appointment to notarize the rental agreement. Here in Germany everything gets notarized. Very formal and all that.

Setting up a sister company took all of twenty minutes. Un believable, considering that St Maarten it takes anything from three to six months.--- Three if you lucky.

This is the thing in Germany. The government is really awake when it comes to cutting red tape. So micro businesses like us can get started easy, with minimal fuss. The current thinking is that small businesses employ on average six other people, so make it easy for them to start and get more people employed.

ALL MY LIFE government has worked against me so it is a bit surreal to fine the path of least resistance here.

The bean counter that did the mumbling and muttering over all the documents looked like  Michael Schumacher. There are a lot of German men that look like him. A national look, if you will.

I finished the floor tiles and Anne went to sort out the internet. We can get a optical high speed connection for about 25 EU per month. Not bad, considering we paid $93 per month for an abysmal connection in St Maarten.

This is the weird thing. Even though we live in one of the most expensive cities in Germany, and in one of the most expensive areas in that city, and we have high taxes, our overall costs are far lower than in St Maarten.

But I think what I really like here is that the people are intelligent. They GET IT quick.

No endless explaining with a cow-like look at the end.


Optical Illusion

The other day we went to the MC Escher museum in the Hague. Very, very cool.Very inspiring too.

I have always admired the dude.

Anyway, they got this optical illusion room and this is the result.

We did the tourist thing ( I insisted )

I wonder if one stood naked in this room, if the various human appendages would also suffer from an apparent increase in size---ahem….


There has been an explosion of tap breeding here in Germany. Nanny sign

Can you believe it?

In the Dutch campsite they take nannification to new heights.

I purposely went above the ‘ speed limit ‘ and I survived.

Lucky me.

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