Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moving the Workshop from the Hague to Dusseldorf

Moving the Workshop again (2)

We had to move our workshop from storage in the Hague to Dusseldorf. We kind of wanted to do it as soon as possible, because it was costing us 256 euro per month storage fees.

It was going to be a long day.

Packing it all in the truck in the Hague and then driving to Dusseldorf, some 250 kilo’s away, and the unloading it all into the shop.

We got up at five in the morning. Now it is already dark then.

Moving the Workshop again (4)

So we hired a local Dusseldorf company to send out a truck. One of the reasons was that they can get the offload permit easy and they know the city. All for 1500 euro, so they were the best price. One Dutch company wanted to charge us 3000 EU .

Ha ha, that’s more than it cost us from St Maarten to the Hague.Moving the Workshop again (14)

Eventually it was all finished except for this that we had to leave behind. The frikken truck driver refused to load more because he decided that that was as much as his truck was allowed to take. So now we have to do a special trip back to the Hague to fetch this stuff next week. A REAL drag.

Moving the Workshop again (22)

En route we hit a serious rain storm.

Moving the Workshop again (28)

Knocked over trees and caused a major disruption on the free way.

Moving the Workshop again (38)

And we were hit by hail too. Luckily not big enough to make dents.

Moving the Workshop again (42)

Eventually the truck arrived at 2:15 pm as we did in Frankenfurter. Then the offloading began.

Moving the Workshop again (47)

We have a small safe. This is how these dude pick it up, with straps around their bodies that go under the pallet. So watch out if you think your little dinky safe is secure !

Moving the Workshop again (49)

Loaded into the back of the shop. Some serious work ahead, sorting and fixing.

The St Maarten movers broke most of the glass work of the cabinets. The tops, the doors, you name it-- all bust.

Moving the Workshop again (50)

My mobile workbench in the foreground. Today we will finish the tiling, then we can move some stuff from the back to the front.

Moving the Workshop again (52)

Done this stuff before. Can do it again. At least I got all my tools again.

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