Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shops and Stands.

Ok, so Anne and I knew that we would not have an easy time getting a shop. For one, the local economy is strong and the only place there are shop available is in the middle income areas. These are not bad, but very unexciting. And I want to be exciting. Having a unexciting shop is like kissing your sister—no fun in that.

Also, we have to get on with it. Winter is coming and next month has been described euphemistically by the locals as ‘ fresh’. Right, fresh. You mean freezing, not fresh.

We found a shop that is exciting.  In fact there are two that are exciting. IMG_5286

This one was one. Not is the perfect place but in the right area.

EU 2435 per month with a three month deposit. What floored me was that the estate parasite, sorry, agent wanted 5 % commission over the entire length of the contract, which would have worked out to about EU  7300 That is not only excessive, but rather greedy too.


It was one of those shops that an architect was allowed far to much free reign. With three levels and twelve million corners making it a boost for his ego, but completely impractical.


Plenty of wasted space. I think architects should all be neutered in first year of university. That way they won’t breed more idiots that produce designs like this.

Anyway, the shop also was to difficult to secure. It had a skylight and no second exit, something I really do not like. I want to have a second door in the back in case of fire. So along with the commission and kak design we nixed it.

I will write about the shop we currently working on next time, once I have something more concrete to report.


Some nice iron work. This forms part of a security gate and is handmade out of iron.IMG_5296

Nice, the wood effect is impressive, especially in iron. Don’t find this stuff for sale these days.


This dude is taking a picture of the jewellery in the shop window. I used to have that quite often in St Maarten as well. I used to give them my web address. Much easier and better pictures too.

Still, sneaky, dude, sneaky.


Look, I know all about self expression and all that stuff. But what does a prospective employer think when this lady appears in front of her with that colour hair? Pos. or Neg.?

There are a few things I will not hire.

Some one that smokes.

The Germans smoke like each of them have a few spare lungs waiting for them in the garage.

A LOT of German people smoke. Women walking with a cigarette  between their fingers is not uncommon.

I know I will get into trouble for saying this, but  I dislike women walking down the pavement and smoking.----It just seems wrong.

Smokers are  always huddled in little groups in a  corner outside in the rain, wasting the bosses time, 15 minutes per smoke, times five times per day equals to easy over an hour per day.

Like----- I don’t care what you smoke, just not in my space.

Tattoos and piercings.

I will not have someone working in my shop with skank stamps running  down their arms or chest or a forest of shiny things stuck in their faces and appendages. It looks gross and  what really freaks me out is when they lisp because of the pins in the tongue. Eeeeuw.

Wine Stand

There was a wine/food market in the center square over the weekend. This mobile stand that was selling wine struck me as the most professional I have ever seen, really well made and designed.

Wine stand 1

All the awning vanes fold down for transport.

Wine Stand 2

In the center, the supply of hooch.

Wine Stand3

And at the back, the refrigerator to keep the moonshine cool. Check out  the cool bar counter on the left.


Picture of a puddle.


Just for fun. Picture of the same puddle modified in Photo shop.—I got to do this stuff, otherwise I forget the program.


Like I said Autumn is on it’s way, coming to a doorway near you.

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