Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shops and Stuff

You know, I think we have done it.

I actually think we are going to sign the lease tomorrow for a shop at Benrather Strasse 2 Carlstadt.

Anne found it over the internet and after a week or so of’ yes you got it’ to ‘no ways the owner says no’ to ‘yes it’s on again’ we finally were asked the right of questions , like where do you live and when you born and stuff that goes into a lease

This means the contract is being prepared.

I can’t wait.

We can actually rent many shops in Dusseldorf. There is in downtown plenty of stock, some in not so nice areas, some in very nice areas and of course, some in prime estate area.

The prime estate ones are out of my price range .They go for anything up to 235 EU per square meter.

  The miff ones I don’t want.

I want to be excited. I want something left of center.

This one is precisely what we want. It is in a very cool area, in a street that has a high quality person walking by. It is a blank canvas, so we can apply our shop look to. DSCN1078

Like we had in Serolwana and DSCN3748Elephant Hills Jewellers.

New Place

This is what it looks like now. It used to be a old book shop. The downward striped doors on the left are the entrance to the building. Above are apartments.

This gives our the potential to live what we call the ‘100 meter lifestyle.’  Like every thing is within walking distance. Everything. Baker greengrocer, bank, cops etc. etc.

The place itself is messed up though. It is in need of some serious kissing and cuddling and it  needs to have the insides made pretty.

So if the contract thing happens tomorrow, this blog will turn into a  how-we-make-a shop type thing for a few months.

Hold thumbs for all goes well.


I spoke about lousy number plates the other day. This is the cling wrap version. Check the ultra care that was taken to affixing the said plate to the mudguard. Four bolts dude. Like the manual says and the mud guard dictates. Precisely my way.



This sign is cancelled.  There are no more cars, soccer players and fans walking home and stuff. Check out how neat the building behind is painted.


We were in this very German restaurant, and this frame was hanging up on the wall.

It is the German and French chief chickens  meeting.

Underneath, written in code that only  I can understand, is written “ Dear Hans, sorry we missed you , we will see you when your new shop opens. Cant wait to buy your jewellery”

Cheers, Merksi and Kosi.

PS:  We love your blog!!!!

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