Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trucks, Chick Cars and Berries.


A slight problem. I thought this shit only happened in SXM or SA!

I had a good look and I am of the opinion that the approach design is wrong. Has to be, since that is a standard sized truck. There is a built indentation in the roof to accommodate the truck roof, but here the truck caught some temporary repair of damage that another truck had caused..Prang

The new temporary repair. Shades of Africa.

Number plate

Now if there is an ass design then it has got to be the bike number plates here. OK, it looks normal on the naf scooter in the background but on the Harley? I can just see some bureaucrat in Brussels designing it. I bet you it clips on and off when the cops aren’t around.

Never mind the rather small flickers and rear light..ahem.

And check out the helmet just left hanging from the front brake lever of the bike in the front of the Harley. That would be stupid in any equatorial country, trust me.


This is the St Maarten equal number plate size, by way of comparison.


We park Frankenfurter in the parking garage every time we come into town. It’s a special high roofed  one. And super clean with a million video cameras.

Security? Naah!  It’s just the African paranoia etched into our souls.


We dipped out on the shop that was in the building owned by some evangelical church. We had a interview with the main dude and I could see he wasn’t to crazy speaking to the unconverted.

We called it the god shop and it went to one of their cult members. We sort of expected it. was the nicest shop though.

And so far that is it.

There are plenty of shops around, but they all are marginal. I don’t know how long have we been here so far, but by now, having walked all the streets where we want to be several times, we got a reasonable handle on where we DON’T want to be.

Using estate agent is useless, mostly because they don’t really deal with the shops we looking for and also, those type of shops are fucking scarce. So it’s a matter of time, really.


‘Tis summer, although hearing the locals speak, one would think this is the lousiest summer for years and years. Something to do with sunshine, I think.

Hey, I got no reference so it’s all good for me.

Yesterday we went to check out a living space  and there was this 84 year old  dude who was conducting the interview. He is married to a 50 year old for 33 years, and he said he does not have any old friends because all they talk about is death, the weather and hospitals. He was seriously on the ball. Must be something to do with a younger wife.

Hmmm. That means I would have a 22 year old girlfriend.

Anne would approve, I’m sure………………. Rad, man, rad.Black-Headed-Gull

Juvenile Black headed gull. The ultimate amphibious aircraft.


Black berries.They grow wild here. I remember them at my fathers place in Clervaux . Check out the different type of ladybird on them. They nice to eat when they ripe. The berries, that is.


I Photo shopped some distracting elements out of this picture. Still, in its own way, very pretty.


There is a parking space where we like to go look for birds ( Tree Creeper, I will see you soon ).

Anyway, this lady and her daughter pitched in the most righteous female car in the known Universe. Check the utterly absoloot cool number plate.

No dodo, it isn’t short for Mercedes, it’s Me, Radio Control.


I don’t know what is under the car in the back, probably a LPG tank conversion.

This is the female equivalent of a guy driving a Fiat 500. ( I saw one being driven by a guy today and man, that makes a Vespa scooter look drag bike,  it’s so naf.)

I mean,I’ve seen plenty of chicks drive a Hummer and they just plain doos.

But this one is small, which is perfect for a real lady, and has such attitude that when she closed the door, it made the same BANG as a army Landrover sounds like.


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