Sunday, September 11, 2011

Closer and Closer


My Painter-in-Chief, with the workshop towel as a kopdoek.

We use a green in our shops called Emu green. From the Kasane shops to now, we sort of standardized our look which works for us.

No 20

I also started installing my workbenches and I hung two fluorescents over them. So now I don’t have to work on the floor.

No 21

This is the other wall just finished being painted.

No 22

And Anne is now positioning the ( very broken ) cabinets. Lots of fixing to do. We still have to find a shop that sells glass.

Coat stand

This will be the entrance, with the stairs ready for Urethane. The coat stand is a piece of Protea wood that Anne and I carried off a mountain in Swavelpoort. There had just been a massive veld fire and we were walking on the burnt koppie when we spotted this still smoldering log. Next day we came to claim it and we have it now since 1991. Good value…

The copper part I made out of an old geezer.Late

The camp we staying at I call Camp Quattro, after the notorious ANC prison camp in Angola during the war. That is because the camp closes at 7pm and now in low season will close at 6 pm. This fucks us a round something terrible, because we have to stop working so early. So we phone up ahead and tell the commandant that we will be late and then we camp out side.

Real fun stuff, in the rain.

One more month and we will be free.Bauhaus

Grocery shopping ala Anne and I. We go to the hardware store every morning to buy the necessary things for the day.

Food ? There are so many food stalls around our shop that it is terrible---for the waistline, that is. Yesterday I had a lasagna to die for. Enough for the whole day and costing 7EU and coming in at 5000000000 calories.

Whooo boy, I can see my future and it is called DIET AND EXERCISE…………………….Light

Here is the thing. These fluorescent fittings come complete at 3.75 EU and they work pretty good.Light 2

The cheapest replacement light is 6.49 EU------------go figure……Slug

Much to Anne's delight ( joke) the wet weather has brought out some slugs. This one is about 100mm long. I think they pretty.Rubish 1One of the more delightful things we had to figure out, was getting rid of the rubbish. Finally we discovered the place. You take your stuff there and they weigh your car with the shit inside.Then when you leave, they weigh your car again. For 100 kg’s of rubbish it’s 11 EU.Rubbish

Then Hans throws it on the pile after the dude there has told you which pile. In this case Anne takes the pictures. Ha ha ha . The blue bags are our rubbish.

The smell was delightful, full of  subtle bouquets of the most fruity of scents. The ooze on the floor smelt of some of the most classy restaurants I have visited in my life.

All in all a wonderful experience.

Chick car

Need I say more, other that she was as cute as the car?

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