Sunday, September 4, 2011

Futheration of the Shop.



No 12

Doing  the grouting.

Tiling is a lot of work, but once they are finished I think they are much nicer than say a carpet in a shop. Less cleaning and maintenance.

We also managed to hire a small garage in the building that the shop is in. Unfortunately, it is to small for Frankenfurter. So in the next two or so months I am going to sell the car and buy a smaller on that will fit. We had planned this from the outset. Frankenfurter would only be suitable for the camping and building of shop.

Otherwise it is just to impractical to have in a big city.

Notwithstanding that it is only a ity bity garage, we still had to sign a lease for it,----all of nine pages long--- for a fricken garage, I ask you.No 13

I had to cement up the broken wall. Then I am going to build the staircase.

One can buy a premade one for 500EU in Bauhaus. I would have bought it but the steps are far to small so I build my own. The steps are very important to be comfortable.


Shop tile finished 1No 14

Ta daaaa! All the tiling is finished in the showroom side of the shop. As with anything , it always seems less work at the start than the actual work when is is done. This was a real mission and very boring indeed. Were I a tile layer I definitely would not lay anything.

I assembled my trusty circular saw in anticipation of building the stairs. The saw was in all different pieces and finding them all was a treasure hunt of note. Now all I miss are my blades, and I don’t have the faintest idea where they are packed. Ah well a new one costs 40 bucks, so it’s not to bad.Garage

Piling excess stuff in the garage in the building which is really great, because it make for more space to build the shop. ( trust me it is fracking crowded.)


“Look at what was parked outside our shop mommy!”

Schweeet, an AMG 6.3 liter Merc.

Gull wing doors, nogal ook.

There are some REALLY nice cars in this city, subject of an upcoming post.

Army Car.

Like this one . Serious, serious class. Much better than the Merc, I think.Coat-Hanger

Speaking of class, or the lack of it in this case.

Fricking buck feet as coat hangers.

Somewhere there is a hornless buck hopping along on two hooves. Shame.


This is the days pre-prepared chips in an obviously successful eating establishment. And chips are very popular here. There are many chip shops here.

Moving the Workshop again (58)

This is the right way to close your jewellery shop. I am also going that route with the new shop.

Check out the Swazi grass balcony above.

Ha ha, there is a bit of Africa in everyone.

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