Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making the Staircase.

Making Stairs

The stairs are the next thing to finish. The basic thing will be made out of Mukwa or Kiaat wood, as it is also known as. I bought from the original suppliers on this day ten years ago. I have used it for building four shops. Staircase

Laying out the basic plan.


Next day.


Until today. Now I attach all the brass beading and give it a couple of coats of clear Urethane .The piece of wood to the right of the picture will come in the corner where the hole in the wall still is.

There are quite a few art and street fairs in and around from the 18th of September so we would like ot at least be visual then.


You have to figure. This shop puts this display out on the pavement.


Check out the small brass statues. They are there at the end of the day too!--- Nobody diefs them….. amazing.

Dipshit Car

I know, I know. All men have fragile egos and cars are the extension of that ego.

But fuck it man, this has got to be the most dipshit car to have on the road.

What do you actually do with it? It can’t be loaded with anything substantial, does not attract women like say, a Lamborghini ( they attract women don’t they?), and the worst is you can’t even have a decent bit of nooki in it either. Some dudes need a reality check.


Black-headed gulls waiting for the next ferry.


All the Goosies having a music festival in the farmers field.

Geese are very musically inclined, in case you didn’t know.

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