Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Shop Stuff



Because the shop has such an unusual configuration, in that the actual shop is below ground level the window display is also a bit different. This type of layout is quite common in Europe in older buildings. So I had to construct a ‘board walk’, above the radiators for Anne to walk on so she can work on the window displays . This is because they are to high when one stands inside the shop.

I made three ‘pillars’ of cheap wood which I am going to clad with fake brick paneling.



This is as far as I got. So now the walkway can be accessed fro the top of the staircase. I was going to make a banister on the right hand side of the banister, but that would have impeded the access so I will make the banister on the left hand side, against the green wall.

Slowly the rest of the shop will come together. We have to install a new toilet and a new shower. The shower is proving to be a bit problematic, because the electrical connection has to be especially laid. In St Maarten we used a gas heater and that is very efficient and easy, but in Germany they are not allowed, so electrical it is. All this is going to cost more than 4000 EU and it will only be finished at the end of the month.


Shop counter

The posts have the ‘brick’ on and the whole thing is ready for urethane.



It took me an entire day to install the central lights. We bought them at Bauhaus. There is a large selection and none of them are cheap. The problem is that the ceiling is quite low so none of my chandeliers would work. Anyway, I don’t like chandeliers, so it suits me.Machine

while I was making the boardwalk I noticed this belt sander for sale. 19 Eu ?? Frack, at that price I bought it.Machine.jpg1

I mean, how is it possible to make and sell a machine like this for 20 bucks? Even if it lasted only for the boardwalk, it would still be worth is. I became part of the Chinese onslaught of cheap goods.Throw away

And speaking of throw away, this is the other side of the coin of cheap goods. I throw away two perfectly good fluorescent fittings because the replacement tubes are to expensive. Some thing does not quite fit  with me on this.


Here is another gripe. We went to Ikea. Now I regard Ikea as a good place to fit out workshops. All the shit they sell there is absolutely not what I want in my house, but a workshop it is OK. So these LED lights are for sale for 40EU. I buy them. When I get to the workshop, the cord on the right in the picture is missing. Turns out that it is sold separately---for 5EU. So I got to schlepp back to buy it. This is a major mission, because they only open up at ten in the morning.

How can one sell a unit like this and then not say POWER CORD SOLD SEPERATELY!!!!! 

There was some nice autumn light here the other day.Party

Ha, ha, they got these riding around on Saturdays. The people peddle and get very pissed and loud with lots of music. Very cool. Nice to see these cute backsides come peddling past.Walking-the-Dog

She’s just walking the dog. Or is that riding the dog ?

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