Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Shop Stuff .


The plumbers came in in the afternoon and installed the basin.IMG_6428

And some of the shower stuff. (they still got to come back and finish the rest.)IMG_6431

And the toilet, which is now working. That makes it much easier, trust me. It was a real drag not having a toilet.IMG_6432

This is the geyser. Quite a fancy thing that works off 400v and has got all kinds of coloured lights to tell you how much hot water there is left. ( like you going to run outside the shower to check)… It still needs to be connected by the electrician and he is somewhat scarce .



I  put some of my casting equipment out, more to get it out of the way than anything else. I was going to farm all my casting out, but I think, after having seen how Europe works that I will do it in house. Reason is that there is never much urgency here, like there is always the next day. This goes contrary to my character and would cause heart problems for me…………

Like I pitch up at a glass place and I tell the dude I want a sheet of 4mm glass. He has just got to cut it in half because otherwise it don’t fit into Frankenfurter. Nein you must come back tomorrow. Frack it man, cutting a sheet of glass in half is kids play, but no, I got to come back tomorrow. That’s how things work here.IMG_6446

The bed base is finished and is being checked out by the boss.IMG_6449

I am using my gem cutting bench as a glass working one temporally. I had an OK workshop in St. Maarten, so I am going by that design, more or less.IMG_6451

The reason I need a class cutting top is that the St. Maarten movers effectively destroyed all my jewellery cabinets. They such a useless bunch of locals. I have to fix a toilet full of glass and lights and bend things straight and repaint everything that was scratched—sigh. Major work.IMG_6456

Anne  does the tiling in the shower and a mighty fine job she is doing. This building is skew. Very skew. So it makes for some difficult tiling. Hence the staggered pattern. Today she does the floor.

It is sometimes a little overwhelming, all the amount of work that has been done and still has to be done. If I look at the big picture, what with shutters, workshop and living quarters still to be finished, and all the cabinets and broken fixtures to be repaired, it looks like a mountain. The way we tackle this is to do it in bite sized chunks , and digest them individually. “One day, it will all be finished.”  The Hansel and Meevis mantra…….We mutter this the whole day long. ha ha Sunrise

We get up at 5:30am in the morning and we come back to Camp Quatro at about 8:30pm. Then we shower, eat some bread or junk food and crash. Then the next day we do it again. Soon it will end. And our food quality will become better. After six months of living like this, I can’t wait. I’m kinda tired of camping.Cool Extension

I am giving this a ten out of ten for doosness. This, ladies and gentlemen, is an extension cord with a radio in.  It would be OK if the radio stations played some decent music, but frack it, they play crap. Some songs have been on the playlists for SIX MONTHS. Do they have any idea how mad one becomes after hearing a bad song every day over and over?Cigs

I am completely amazed how many Germans smoke. Everywhere there are clusters of people standing outside buildings, smoking up a storm.  You cannot walk into a building without first having to walk through a wall of smoke. And all the stompies just get thrown in the road. Eeeeeuww.


Here is a goldsmith down the road who has found a really creative use for a bench peg—ha ha . And a log, for that matter.

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