Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shop and the Street Fair

No 28b

My Painter-in-chief giving the staircase a coat. The Mukwa looks nice when it is varnished.

No 29b

But the main work this week is the rebuilding the shower and toilet. These fittings are for the shower. The chasing makes for some serious noise and there is a tenant who came to moan at us. So we just let the plumber do the talking to her and he was very diplomatic and calmed the old grouch down to a low growl.

No 29

Then the toilet gets shifted to here. We are using the designated plumbers that do the work on this building, and they are amazingly good, compared to the ones from the third world countries I have live in. What I really like is that I can go to the hardware store, leave all my tools open, computers lying around and it is all there when I get back.------  I LOVE honest people.

And they real craftsman too, do a super neat job, even though it does not look like it now, trust me , it’s good work.

No 30c

In the meantime, I have been building partitions in my workshop and laying new cables for the lights. I like fitting lights, especially when the time comes to switch them on and suddenly there is bright light every where. ( Europe can be quite dark and dingy in some places, as if there is an aversion to high wattage lights. ) My workshop generally looks like the midday sun is overhead.


This is the work the plumbers are doing in the basement. Tough work in tough conditions, but hey, at 4000EU to do the job, you got to earn your money……..


There is a new restaurant that opened up the road. They put this out as an advert---very cool.


Last Sunday there was a street fair. This is a yearly affair which apparently happens around our shop.IMG_6282

Very relaxed and lots of music and laughter.


This is a very common sight. A Metro-male pushing a pram. I’m told these kind of people also know how to change a nappies and do the dishes. This is known as evolutionary convergence, where one species looks and acts the same as the other, but in fact are completely different. It could well be that his wife is doing plumbing work somewhere else, as we speak……IMG_6305

There also was a heavy duty rock band belting out all the classic ACDC songs. Later on the started dancing naked and showing their tattoos.


They rolled out the red carpet for me but I sent some fashion models instead.

Hot air

Hot air ballooning European style. Or should that be cold air ballooning? Can’ go to high or else you see dipshit.


The dreaded tow corner outside the shop. The reason they so sticky here is because if a car is parked there in that position, the busses can’t make the corner. This causes them to be late and is a capital offence in Germany. The bus being late, I mean. The guy in the green is the cop.

Weird colour for cops. I always think they look like landscape artists or maybe tree huggers or something.

Plastic Tree

This guy and I think along the same lines---plastic trees. Never need to be watered or pruned, and come pre grown for the garden---. Oh yes, and they also fit into space-saving pots.

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